Barcode Printer & Scanner QuickBooks Point Of Sale

The printer used to generate the barcode labels to link with the objects is known as a barcode printer. It is quite simple to set up the QuickBooks POS barcode printer like a zebra printer. This ultra-compact printer is used at the point of sale in identifying the product. AccountsPro presenting the setting up of the barcode devices in QuickBooks moreover connect any time QuickBooks POS Support Number for help .

QuickBooks Pos Barcode Printer

How To Set Up A POS Barcode Printer In QB Commerce?

The barcode printing app allows you the ease of printing the barcode directly from the product variants and purchase orders. It let you manage inventory and operations accurately. Here are the steps you need to know to get started. Before printing the barcode you require adding the barcode numbers to the product. Here are the instructions to add the product barcodes in QuickBooks:

It is simple to fill the product barcodes and use them during purchase orders or while creating sales. Ensure that you have a printer to create the bar codes. However, you can access the USB barcode scanner or other Bluetooth socket scanning products. Here are the steps to add the barcode manually . Get explore what option user has when QuickBooks Can’t Printing issue comes .

Add Bar Code Single Product Manually QuickBooks POS

For Single Products you can Manually Add the Barcodes with the Below Steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks
  • Locate the Inventory option
  • Choose Variants button
  • Click on the variant you need to allot a barcode to
  • Now fill the barcode number in the barcode field
  • Hit Save changes button

You can follow the steps mentioned by AccountsPro team for QuickBooks POS Workstation And Server Setup to use this software in multi -user mode.

Adding Barcodes in Batch QBPOS

In the case of multiple products, you require adding barcodes at once or in bulk. Use the edit option in a .csv file. After this upload it into the QuickBooks Desktop with the below steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks Commerce
  • Click Inventory button
  • Choose Products tab
  • Now give a click on the drop-down menu named Bulk Manage
  • Choose the Update Existing products button
  • Click option “ No, I need to download a list of my products”.
  • Hit on the section named product Attributes , choose the checkbox named barcode(GTIN, UPC, etc)
  • Now choose the Build Product sheet
  • Click Download product sheet
  • Next, open the downloaded file using the spreadsheet app
  • Now embed the barcode numbers in the column named barcode
  • After this save it with a .csv file extension
  • Choose Upload filled CSV in the QuickBooks commerce
  • Next drag the .csv file updated in QuickBooks
  • Click Upload
  • Now confirm the variants info
  • Next click Yes, this is correct

In QuickBooks CSV Import process, you can get all products once without spending much time for data being populated.

Barcode App Installation QuickBooks Point Of Sale Software

There are below options available after installation of the barcode printing app to print barcodes:

  • Locate the Browse Apps button
  • Choose Made by Commerce tab
  • Click the Barcode printing option
  • Now click on Install App
  • After this hit Authorize tab
  • Now you are all set to use the installed barcode printing app
  • Start printing the product barcode.

USB Barcode Product Setup In QuickBooks Point Of Sale

Once you have plugged the printer then start the steps to perform settings. Here are the steps:

  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Locate the Edit menu
  • Click Preferences
  • Choose Items & Inventory tab
  • Click on the option named company preferences
  • Hit Advanced inventory settings
  • Now give a hit on the tab named barcodes
  • Choose Enable Barcode option
  • Hit the button labeled Open Barcode window
  • It will display the Barcode scanning setup wizard
  • Now choose the field in which item you need to use the barcode tracking
  • In case you are not sure then select a unique field for the item like a part number or Item name
  • Click Next button
  • Select the item types you need to create barcodes for.
  • After this hit on Next button
  • Click Finish.

Fix The QuickBooks POS Barcode Printer Issues

The QuickBooks POS barcode printer error mainly triggers when there appears an incompatible printer, incorrect point of sale configurations, offline printer or corrupted installation of zebra printer driver or wrong power supplies, or damaged printer drive. Here is the list of steps to resolve the barcode printer QuickBooks Errors:

Method 1- Enable the Printer and Connect the Cables Properly:

  • Disconnect & reconnect the cable from the system connected with the printer
  • Make sure the printer is powered on & correctly plugged in
  • Verify that the paper should not print on the incorrect side
  • Check the power supply runs 20 volts

You may receive unwanted warnings and issues during connecting like QuickBooks POS Access Violation Error or even Error Warning Initializing QBPOS Application.

Method 2- Check Whether The Printer Is Offline Or Online:

  • Choose the Windows Start button
  • Click the Control Panel window
  • Hit the Devices & printer tab
  • Locate the damaged printer if their available use the printer online then select it to display the printer back online

Method 3-Verify The Printer Properties To Check The USB Port:

  • Open the Control panel from the Windows start option
  • Give a click on the drop-down named View by
  • Select Small icons
  • Now choose Devices & Printers
  • Locate the Zebra LP2824
  • Select Printer properties
  • Click on the option named Ports
  • Choose the right USB port for the printer
  • Hit OK
  • In case the USB is unavailable then link the printer to another USB port and re-follow the steps
  • If failed to detect a USB port then check if there exist the below issues:
  • The system may be failed to discover USB devices or USB cables may be corrupted

Method 4- Test Page Print:

  • Choose the Windows Start button
  • Select Control Panel
  • Click Devices & Printers
  • Locate the Zebra LP2824
  • Select Printer Properties
  • If there are multiple zebra printers then try to test the page
  • Choose the Print Test window
  • In case of an unsuccessful test page then open the QB POS & print a tag
  • If the test page failed to print then cancel printer documents and then restart the windows
  • Now close the window named Zebra LP2824 printer properties
  • Locate the printer labeled Zebra LP2824 printer and then double-click on it to view the printing
  • Select Printer and then cancel all documents
  • Restart system
  • Now delete the printer and perform printer reinstallation

Method 5- Print Spooling Process Bypass:

  • Open the printers page
  • Now locate the printer and give a right-click on it
  • Choose printer properties
  • Click on the Advanced option and then choose print directly to the printer
  • Hit OK

Help Unable To Setup Barcode QuickBooks POS Machine

Hopefully, the write-up helped you to set up QuickBooks Pos Barcode Printer and fix the issue if the printer is interrupted. Get connected with experts through a live chat, email, or phone number

FAQs – Error , Issue , Problem Barcode Printer QBPOS

What Errors Do I Frequently Get When Using QUICKBOOKS POS Barcode Printerr?

  • Error: Barcode Active X class not registered ActiveX TBarcode 3.0.ocx
  • The printer displays to function properly however the labels are either blank or faint printing
  • Tags not printing
  • Available designs field is blank or only appears Avery labels
  • Jewelry tags apelin between the tags and cut off while using the Zebra LP 2824 Plus printer

How Would I Print The Barcodes In QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Choose Print forms using the File button
  • Click Label option
  • It will display the page named select labels to print
  • Choose Item barcodes
  • Now select the items you need to add or hit All items if you need to embed all items
  • Choose OK.
  • Select the format of the label and embed several copies below the page named print labels
  • Hit print

How Would I Update The CSV File In A Spreadsheet Editor?

  • Locate the Inventory button
  • Choose Products tab
  • Click on products you need to edit
  • Hit on the drop-down menu named from the bulk manage
  • Click on the option labeled update existing products
  • Hit on the button named No I require to download the products list
  • Click on the drop-down labeled product attributes
  • Choose the checkbox named Barcode
  • Hit on the Build Product Sheet button
  • Click on the option named Download product sheet
  • Now access it with the spreadsheet window
  • Edit the values in the column named barcode
  • Next upload the QuickBooks spreadsheet

How Can I Configure The QB Point Of Sale Printer Preferences?

  • Select File
  • Choose Preferences button
  • Click Workstation
  • Choose Documents & printers
  • Click Documents & Printers
  • Ensure that the printer is chosen on the right line
  • Choose the right Template and then hit the Save tab