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Sage 50 Payroll Email Payslips Setup – Process, Print Payslips Sage 50

Sage 50 Payroll Email Payslips

Sage 50 Payroll Email Payslips Setup

The payslip is a document that every organization has to provide to its employees each month. The payslip contains details of the employees including deductions, basic salary, gross salary, reimbursements, and tax deductions. In Sage 50, there is a simple method to set up, email and print payslips in Sage 50. AccountsPro team experts come with a guide related to setting up emailing Sage 50 Payslips moreover, you can also get basic learning or Sage 50 Canada Email Setup which gives you quick insights.

Process Payroll Sage 50 For Payslips Payments

Printing payslips includes processing email payments before printing the payslip. Here is the procedure to process the payroll.

Before you fill out the employee’s pay follow the below instructions:

  1. Embed any new starters
  2. Fill any absence
  3. Place a mark on the employee who failed to pay the payment
  4. Verify the IR Secure Mailbox from HMRC to verify any new notifications
  5. Once you are done with this then start processing the employee’s pay

When and why Sage 50 No Default Email Error comes and what type settings, users need to change in order to fix the problem. 

Processing Payslips Sage 50 Payroll

Now follow the below steps to process the payslips in payroll:

  1. Setup the processing date by giving a click on Payroll
  2. Select the Change process date option
  3. Fill in the process date
  4. Now click OK
  5. Reset the payments
  6. Fill the employee’s payments with the below steps:
    • Choose the employees you need to pay during the pay period
    • Hit Payment then choose Enter payments
    • Fill in the payments hours and rates
    • Hit on the tab named summary
    • Verify there are correct amounts
    • Now select the Save button
    • Start accessing the employees
    • Generate payslip pre-update reports by clicking on the Payroll option
  7. Update the payroll with the following instructions:
    • Hit Payroll button
    • Click update records
    • Choose the Yes tab then select Backup
    • Hit the Next button then choose Next
    • Select Finish tab
    • Give a hit on the OK button
    • Select Next
    • Hit Finish tab
    • Choose OK
    • Start the nominal link posting
    • Generate payment files to post through e-banking
    • Print post-update records
    • Click processing any leaves
    • Submit the FPS to HMRC

No look further, you can full help and step by step guide Create Sage 50 Payroll Reports with information how to email such reports.

Printing Payslips in Sage 50

Here are the steps to print the payslips:

  1. Choose the desired employees
  2. Hit Payroll
  3. Select Pre-update reports
  4. Now give a hit on the reports named Pre-update
  5. Choose Email or Laser, Dot Matrix
  6. Select the option labeled payslip payout you need to use
  7. If needed then set the layout
  8. Hit Print tab
  9. If needed then choose the desired printer
  10. Choose OK

Sage 50 Online Payslips Settings and Setup

Integrate the Sage HR online services with the Sage 50cloud payroll system to upload employees’ payslips to access 24/7. Now you can easily schedule while publishing payslips. Moreover, you can see the payslips on the App named Sage HR to save admin time, postage, and printing costs. You can set up by setting up the online services portal to upload payslips.

Emailing Sage 50 Payslips

You can avoid the Sage 50 Won’t Send Email problem if you make a proper setup. You can save time and cost while emailing payslips. Use the standard Sage 50 email layouts to add the layout or send the payslips through an email.

Moreover Sage 50 and Outlook Integration another way for making proper email scheduling of Payslips the payroll processing.

Re-Printing Payslips in Sage 50

Here are the steps to print the payslips in Sage:

  1. Choose the desired employees
  2. Now hit on the Company file
  3. Choose historical data
  4. Fill the data range of the required process
  5. Hit OK
  6. Below Payslips then choose Dot Matrix, Laser, or Email
  7. Hit on the payslip layout you need to use
  8. Select Print tab
  9. If needed then choose the printer then select OK
  10. If you require printing the payslips of the leaver employee that does not display on the Employee list
  11. Choose the criteria
  12. Now delete the current year leavers or historical leavers
  13. Once you are done with this Hit OK

Help If Sage Won’t Email Payslips

Hopefully, the post helped you in saving the time and cost of sending the payslips by email in Sage 50. If you face any difficulty then get connected with the professional team to explore more. Use a live chat, phone number, or email address to get assistance related to the Sage 50 payroll, print payslips, or use the standard email layouts to add the layout or send the email. Contact experts on Sage Support Number.

FAQs – Sage 50 CA/ U.S Payslips Emailing Issues Errors Problems

How to print payslips on Sage Payroll?

To print payslips on Sage Payroll:

  1. Go to the Employees menu and select “Payslips”.
  2. Select the pay period and the employees you want to print payslips for.
  3. Click on the “Print” button to print the payslips.

How Would I Set Up The Employees In Sage 50?

✅ Select the relevant employee and double-click on it
✅ Hit on the tab named Employment
✅ Click on BACS on the payment method list
✅ Choose the tab named Banking then fill in the bank account details of the employee
✅ Hit the Save button
✅ Select Next
✅ Hit Close

Why Do I Need To Print Payslips In Sage 50?

If you need proof of the salary payment then a payslip is required. This document is provided to every employee. The salary slip comprises the data related to employee salary including basic salary, deductions, and reimbursements.

What If I Am Unable To Email Payslips In Sage 50 Payroll?

✅ Follow the steps to set the right printer & paper size settings in Sage 50:
✅ Choose the payslip layout you need to add then hit the Edit tab
✅ Hit the File button then select Page Setup
✅ Choose Printer then give a click on the drop-down list
✅ Select the desired printer
✅ Hit the Properties tab then adjust the right paper size
✅ Click OK
✅ Give a new title and description to the report
✅ Choose File and then choose Save as
✅ Search for the desired location of the payslip layout
✅ Give a name to the payslip layout
✅ Hit Save
✅ Choose a file then hit Exit

How Can I Set Up The Employees To Email Payslips In Sage 50?

✅ Locate the Employees button
✅ Hit on the desired employee
✅ Choose the Edit tab
✅ Write the email address and password of the employee
✅ Hit the Save tab
✅ Now repeat the existing steps for every employee you need to send an email payslips
✅ What are the steps that I need to email payslips in Sage 50?
✅ Start processing the pay run till the window named complete pay run displays
✅ Hit Pay Runs
✅ Now choose the needed pay run
✅ Click on the section named Employee pay breakdown
✅ Choose the desired option then send the email button

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