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Sage 50 Payroll Reports – How To Create, Edit, View, and Print Tax Reports in Sage

Sage 50 Payroll Reports

Create Payroll Reports Sage 50

The payroll reports are used to save the information and calculations related to employees’ wages, Medicare taxes, federal income taxes, unemployment taxes, etc. Moreover, the reports help to provide clear insights into the employees including pay rate, time theft, working hours, overtime hours, and more. There are many payroll reports available in Sage 50 to let you extract the employee’s earnings, and federal and print forms. AccountsPro comes up with information related to payroll reports and their other related terminologies and for further information, you can get help from the Sage 50 Payroll Help team.

To create, edit, and view Sage 50 Payroll reports, go to the “Reports and Forms” menu, select “Payroll”, then choose the report you want to run. Customize the report as needed using the options provided, then preview or print it. To edit a report, select “Modify” and adjust the settings. You can also create custom reports by selecting “New Report” and selecting the fields and criteria you want to include. Finally, save your reports for future use by selecting “Save” or “Save As”. Sage 50 Payroll offers a variety of reports, including payroll registers, tax forms, and earnings summaries.

What Sage 50 Payroll Reports Is All About?

There are several ranges of reports in Sage 50 payroll that helps to know the clear data related to the employees. It includes current earnings reports, employee lists, payroll registers, payroll tax reports, Tax liability reports, Quarterly Tax reports, vacation & sick time reports, and more.

Types of Payroll Reports in Sage 50

The Sage 50 payroll is broken down into the post-update, pre-update and historical reports.

  • Reports: The main payroll reports folder appears on the Employee list toolbar. These are also known as the post-update reports to view the updated employees year to date values. You can create reports to showcase the entered data into the system
  • Pre-Update Reports: Before modification of the record, the pre-update reports are printed to know the values for the active processing period. An example is the payslips of the employees. You can search the option through the Payroll navigation bar and then click on pre-update reports.
  • Historical Reports: These reports are helpful If someone needs an old copy of the employee’s payslip. In this case, simply re-print the report from the historical data from the company navigation bar

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How To Display A Sage 50 Payroll Report On The Screen?

  • Open the menu named Reports & forms
  • Choose the report type including Accounts receivable, Accounts Payable, and financial statements you need to display on the screen
  • It will appear window named to select a report with the selected area
  • Give a click on the new report section if you need to view multiple groups of reports
  • On the report list, you have to scroll down to choose the report you need to display on the page
  • There appear two methods to display a report on the page
  • Choose the specific report or double-click on the particular report of the list named report
  • Click on the particular report
  • Choose the button named Display at the top of the select a report page
  • Click on the sort button on the report
  • Choose the tab named Options
  • To set the properties button to print the report
  • Click Setup tab
  • Hit the Columns option to remove or add fields on the reports
  • Once you complete viewing the report then click close to redirect the Form window or select a report.

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How To Print Payroll Reports In Sage 50?

  • Open the report either displaying on the choose a report page
  • Click on the button named print
  • It will display the Windows print dialog
  • In case you require printing an alternate printer then click on the list named drop-down to choose the printer
  • Choose the number of copies you need to print
  • For page, orientation modifications select properties named special document
  • Click Properties tab
  • Once applied changes click OK
  • The page or report starts printing

Payroll Tax Report Sage 50

The Payroll Tax report in Sage 50 contains taxable (adjusted) gross, the employee’s gross pay, tax for a particular payroll deduction, etc. This report is generally advantageous for payroll tax calculations. This information is used for preparing state payroll tax returns. It includes payroll formulas for amounts calculations.

How to Use the Payroll Tax Report in Sage 50?

Hit on the Options tab to view the data criteria of the report to view the report you need to print. Use the filter options with the below steps:

  • Choose one of the options Quarter or Sort by
  • Select the filter
  • Click on the payroll tax you need to view

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Help Assistance Payroll Report Sage 50 Accounting

Here the article completes with comprehensive details regarding Sage 50 payroll reports. However, there are many payroll reports available in Sage 50. If you need to explore more about payroll reports and forms, designing the payroll, and performing certain tasks according to the requirement give a direct call to the Sage Support professional team. They are experienced to help you with in-depth details and save time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do payroll in Sage 50?

Sage 50 provides a comprehensive payroll solution that includes a suite of tools to help you manage payroll processing, compliance, and reporting. Here’s how to set up payroll in Sage 50:

  1. Set up employee information. This includes their personal information, tax information, pay rate, and any other relevant information.
  2. Set up payroll accounts. These are the accounts you will use to track payroll expenses and liabilities.
  3. Set up payroll taxes. This includes setting up the applicable payroll taxes and deductions.
  4. Set up employee deductions. This includes setting up any deductions that need to be taken out of employee paychecks.
  5. Set up employee contributions. This includes setting up any contributions that need to be taken out of employee paychecks.
  6. Set up payroll schedules and pay periods. This includes setting up the pay period, pay date, and payroll schedule.
  7. Generate paychecks. This includes printing paychecks and generating reports. 8. Process payroll taxes. This includes calculating and filing payroll taxes and other related compliance-related items.
  8. Close out the payroll period. This includes reconciling payroll accounts, preparing reports, and filing payroll taxes.

Do I able to view the previous year’s payroll report in Sage 50?

Yes, simply go to the option named relevant tax year, set the process data to a date tab, and then generate the reports through the folder named year-end.

How would I print the payslips in the Sage payroll?

1. Locate the payroll navigation bar
2. Choose Pre-update reports
3. Hit on payslips
4. Click printer type
5. Select Ok
Also, users can connect to the Sage 50 Payroll Chat team to get more help.

What are the examples of post-update reports?

1. Form P32 – Employer Payment Record
2. FPS Reconciliation Report either by date or employee

What can I see in a detailed payroll report?

A payroll summary, breakdown of employer costs, and payments sum, employer costs breakdown or payments & deductions summary.

What If I need to report the payroll reports in Sage 50?

1. For this locate the reports options
2. It will appear in the report browser
3. Click on email, print, or export the file option
4. Now you can also edit the reports through Report Designer

Can I add the payroll reports to the favorites in Sage 50?

1. Yes hit on the star option next to the report
2. Click on print the report through an option named Favorites button on the menu bar

What If I need to create a detailed payroll report in Sage 50?

1. Open the pay runs
2. Hit the appropriate pay run using the list
3. Choose the link named open the detailed report
4. Click Save

How would I generate the summary of the year-end report & T-4 slips?

Go to the reports and then click Payroll.

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