What Are Departments In Sage 50 Payroll ?

The department’s accounting system is efficient in budgeting, and tracking features useful for smaller businesses. It makes it easy in determining the components of the business and performing the unit comparison. You can simply link different departments you need to examine and also allot these departments to the vendors , customers, and employees. It contains company components to examine specifically. Departments are used for particular locations let’s read the below article to set up Departments in Sage 50 payroll which alike Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager Setup .

Sage 50 Payroll Departments

How To Set Up Departments In Sage 50 Payroll?

Following are the steps:

  • Choose Payroll button
  • Click Setup option
  • Hit Payroll Options
  • Choose the Main button then hit on the option named Require Departments in payroll
  • Select Accept option
  • Choose Require Departments in payroll
  • Hit Accept button
  • Choose Payroll, click the Setup button then hit Department Maintenance
  • Generate a 2 Character Department number
  • Hit Enter button
  • Fill out a department description
  • Choose the G/L expense account salary for this department. It acts as the expense account default earnings for earning codes posted by the department. It will display the description of the expense account automatically.
  • Choose the suitable G/L account number using the remaining fields and lookup
  • Hit the Earnings button for posting earning code to a different G/L account
  • Select Deductions option
  • Fill the deduction code to embed or maintain for the departments in the field named Accrual Account
  • Write the account number of the general ledger to which the deduction code has been posted.
  • Hit Accept
  • Here is the list of steps to post earnings to the different departments in the Data entry:
  • At Payroll Data entry search for the Earnings line
  • Click on the field named Dept
  • Choose the suitable department to post the line amount earnings

Whenever you go for Sage 50 Timesheet Import you should have to check excel and .CSV compatibility with the current program to avoid any further issue .

How To Create A Company Structure For Setting Up Sage 50 Payroll Departments?

  • Go to the company option
  • Click Settings tab
  • Hit Analysis button
  • Choose under the last department or name of the cost center in the list to generate a new department
  • To add an existing department then choose the desired department/ cost center button
  • Apply the required changes and then hit on TAB button to redirect to the next field
  • Now use the fields named Employee Analysis and then click report on
  • Add the specific information to an employee for the business
  • Hit OK to apply the changes

You should have to make setup Sage 50 Payroll Backup which helps you to roll back data in case something goes wrong during making departments in Sage 50 Programs.

Why Use Sage 50 Payroll Departments?

When the payroll handling becomes quite complex then Sage 50 payroll is used to record the cost centers and departments. This information is further used in grouping the employees and simplifying discovering the employees in the sort employees and employees list while running reports. Let’s delve into the below sections to set up cost centers and departments in Sage 50 cloud payroll to find the employee’s group or wages breakdown.

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How To Create A Department In Sage 50?

  • Hit Maintenance button
  • Click Departments
  • The window will appears
  • Choose the company with departments
  • Fill the department name in the field named Department name
  • Hit Save option
  • If you have multiple departments then there will display the department list window
  • Start linking the department to an employee
  • The payroll lets you connect the employees to specific departments across a company.
  • Hit on the Employee menu
  • Select the Employee that you need to edit
  • Choose the employment details
  • Click on the show optional fields
  • Hit the “Departments” button in the field named Department
  • Setting up Department security in Payroll:
  • Open payroll
  • Click Setup option
  • Hit the Department Maintenance button
  • Locate the Department field to choose the desired department you need to set up the security
  • Click the Security button to launch the field named Department security
  • At the field labeled Use code, write the group codes or user codes for which security should be granted
  • Hit Accept button then close the window named Department Maintenance

Setting Up Posting For G/L Account Sage 50

In labor posting here are the steps to open posting:

  • Open Sage 50 Payroll
  • Click Setup button
  • Hit Labor Code Maintenance
  • Click on the field named labor code to choose the code
  • Select the field named Wage Expense Account then click on General Ledger account for the code of the labor
  • Hit Accept button
  • Create a new cost center in Sage 50 payroll:
  • Locate Company button
  • Hit Settings
  • Choose Analysis option
  • Fill the desired information in the name and Ref boxes
  • Next hit OK
  • Assign a particular employee:
  • Locate the desired employee and double-click on it
  • Choose Analysis button
  • Hit OK
  • Choose Save

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Remove Cost Center Or Department From Employees In Sage 50

  • Choose the desired employees
  • Select the Tasks button then hit Global Changes
  • Hit Departments option
  • Choose Assign Employees to Department
  • Click No cost center/No Department
  • Hit OK

How to Delete a Department/Cost center in Sage 50 Payroll?

  • Go to the company button
  • Choose Settings tab
  • Hit Analysis then click on the cost center or department to delete
  • Choose OK

Help Assistance Unable To Create Departments Sage 50

Hopefully, the write-up with Sage 50 payroll departments completes! In case of any other queries get connected with a professional team. Use a Sage 50 Chat Support , phone number, or email address for exceptional assistance.

FAQs : Issues , Error , Problem Sage 50 Departments

Can I Assign A Group Of Employees To The Sage 50 Payroll?

Yes, follow the steps:

  • Click on the desired employees
  • Hit Tasks option
  • Choose the Global Changes tab
  • Select Assign Employees to Department
  • Hit OK
  • Choose Yes

Get help to Contact Sage 50 Payroll Support team .

What If Employees Have Earnings Are Not In The Home Departments?

Check G/L accounts for the department. The tax amount of the payroll will post to the department with earnings. Here are the steps:

  • Open Payroll button
  • Click Setup tab
  • Choose the Department Maintenance option
  • Click on the lookup named Department Number
  • Choose the field named standard payroll
  • Click on the suitable General Ledger account

Can I Create 10 Departments In Sage 50 Premium Accounting?

You can generate up to 1000 departments in Sage 50 Quantum Accounting and up to 100 departments in Premium Accounting.

What If I Need To Compare The Different Components In The Business?

You can use the Departments for the comparison process to link the particular department you need to determine and assign it to the employees.

What Can I Get After Assigning Departments In Sage 50?

Easily associate the paycheque and sales transactions

What If The Account Icon Page Fails To Display Account Balances In Sage 50?

In this case, you can use departments to print reports for the in-depth breakdowns.

Why Should I Use The Departments In Sage 50?

If you need to track the wage expenses of the employee