Error Sage 50 Parallels Not Working
Error Sage 50 Parallels Not Working

Sage Parallels No Longer Works Making Sage 50 Inaccessible

Sage50 is one of the trending accounting solutions to cater to financial queries. In Windows, it is easy to install Sage products with simple procedures of downloading and installation. However, for MAC users, it becomes challenging. There is the myth of the complexities of running specific programs using the MAC operating system. For instance installing accounting software in MAC. Fortunately, with the rapidly increasing technologies, there are lots of alternatives available.  Great news for the Mac users: they can use the Parallels software to run Windows programs and easily enjoy the benefits of Windows compatible Applications in MAC. Let’s go through in-depth Parallels and How to resolve Sage Parallels No Longer Works Making Sage 50 inaccessible error. Learn here how to Use Sage 50 On Mac laptop or computer step by step instruction .

What Is “Sage Parallels”?

Parallels system is the trending program in Sage 50 used to run Windows applications on a Mac. Who does not want to get reliable apps; Sage Parallels runs the Windows version of Sage within MacOS using Virtual technology. Therefore you can easily switch between Windows desktops and the MAC. The users can even run two Sage software, one from Mac’s dock and the other on the virtual application.

Why Sage Parallels?

Virtual machines are complex; however, parallels allow it reasonably easy to set up Sage 50 and use it for accounting operations. There are several virtual tools available, but Parallels is the most compatible with Sage products. This Parallel program is designed exclusively by keeping Mac users in Mind. It, in turn, helps in running Windows software in MAC effortlessly and sets everything fast and easy. You can also get full details from Sage Support team .

Unable To Start The Sage Services With The Parallels

Sage Data Inaccessible is the general problem that Sage users face when using Parallels. As a result, they even fail to begin the Sage services. There are many reasons associated with the same. Let’s outline the major and frequent ones in the below section.


  • Parallel Unable to connect the mandatory Services
  • System kernel extension Authentication failures
  • Incomplete Parallels installation
  • Important files are missing or Sage 50 Data File Missing
  • Corrupted Sage Installation
  • macOS file system errors
  • Firewall or antivirus blocked Parallels
  • The macOS operating system interrupts the Parallels Desktop kernel extension.

Resolve Sage Parallels No Longer Works Making Sage 50 Inaccessible Error

Open your Terminal with the below steps:

  • Go to Applications, locate Utilities and then click Terminal
  • Now write and run the below command:
  • Is -01/private/var/db|grep restricted
  • Verify the command prompt
  • Check in the result list if there is a missing kernalExtensionManagement folder; if yes, then here are the steps you need to follow:
  • First of all, restart the Mac into macOS recovery
  • For this, you need to hold down Command+R on your keyboard
  • It will display a login window if not, then restart the MAC again
  • Go to the Recovery option and then click Disk Utility
  • Enter the MACs main drive name
  • Close the Disk Utility Window
  • Now locate the Top Menu bar and then hit Utilities, and then click Terminal.

Enter command chflagsrestricted”/Volumes/Nameofdrive/private/var/db/KernelExtensionManagement”

  • Write the name in place of Nameofdrive
  • Restart the device

Sometimes errors are due to Starting issues when configured to a Virtual Machine. Here are the steps:

Firstly disable the Firewall Application or Anti-malware software in the system.

If the Sage 50 Firewall Error persists, then follow the steps:

Embed the Parallels Desktop in the Privacy and Firewall exception. Follow the instructions:

  • Initially click System Preferences
  • Hit icon named Security & Privacy
  • Choose the Privacy button and then hit Accessibility
  • Hit the icon which says lock appears in the preference pane
  • Write an administrator name with a password
  • Drag and drop the Parallels in the field named “Allow the apps below to control your computer.”
  • Choose the Firewall option; if it is enabled, here are the steps:
  • Hit the Firewall Options
  • Give a click on (+) button
  • Choose the app you need to permit incoming connection privileges
  • Hit Add and then OK

Sage Data Recover in Parallels

If accidentally Sage data loss occurs with Parallels virtual software, you can use the recover option to restore corrupted or lost data. There are many recovery tools available providing advanced features, including recovering damaged files. These tools contain advanced algorithms having the ability to find the lost File from the system. Sage 50 Database Repair Utility Tool is free to use .Here are the steps you can follow to initiate the Sage data recovery in Parallels.

  • First of all, shut down the Parallels
  • Open the drive with backup
  • Click on the Library option
  • Hit Parallels
  • This folder with VM files
  • Copy the existing stored folder data back into the folder

Also, you can go for Sage 50 Data Recovery Services team of AccountsPro , you can get help Recover Sage 50 Deleted Company File or even you want assistance for Retrieve Sage 50 Deleted Invoices.

Support Sage 50 Pro, Premium, Quantum Parallels Issue

Here comes the end of the article. Hopefully, now you are aware of how to run Sage 50 on Windows using Parallels. It can be a little tricky to implement the procedure; if you face any difficulty with the above breakdown of the parallel software, write to us. Use an email or live chat option to reach us. Moreover, you can talk over the phone to get solutions clearly and in simple language. The experts are one step away from you, so Give a call on Sage 50 Support Number to talk to them.

FAQs: Sage 50 Parallels Setup Issues, Error,Problem

How can I download Windows from the source to run Sage 50 via Parallel Desktop ?

  • First of all, locate the Mac menu bar
  • Give a click on Parallels
  • Now go to the Applications folder
  • Hit File and then click the New button
  • Choose to Install Windows or Image file
  • Select Continue
  • Choose an installation media
  • You can install a .iso image
  • Select the source of installation
  • Write the Windows license number
  • Hit OK
  • It will start the automatic Windows activation
  • Follow the instructions
  • Hit Continue button
  • Choose the Windows edition
  • Select the objective you need to use Windows
  • Assign a name and location
  • Start the installation

You can get help from Sage 50 Chat Support team for any issue .

How can I backup the Sage data in Parallels ?

  • Shutdown the parallels
  • Open Macintosh HD
  • Write user name
  • Hit Library option
  • Click on Parallels
  • It contains the VM files
  • Simply copy the content of the folder to a safe location like Firewire HDD

How can I debug the “Sage Parallels Not Works” error ?

This issue generally occurs due to failures of finding data stored in the user’s folder. The parallels use these folders and add them with the Mac user folder. Hence it is suggested to store the Sage data in the local driver. Check the path to fix Sage 50 Error.

What are the impacts of Parallel start errors ?

  • Parallels crashes
  • When you try to start Parallels to use Sage 50, it hangs with an error message
  • Nothing happens on Opening Sage with Parallels

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