Why Sage 50 2019 Running Slow
Why Sage 50 2019 Running Slow

Sage 50 2019 Slow Performance

There are certain reasons due to which Sage 50 2019 causes Slow Performance. These are the certain checks that you need to do so that you can rectify the main reasons behind the slow performance.

It’s advisable for all users to check all the steps on Sage 2019 Upgrade, So they will never face any issues.

Check System Requirements/Performance:

  • Make sure that your Connectivity/Network Sage hardware system requirements.

Note: For Optimum Performance, you need to have 1 GB more memory between workstation/server with the system requirements of Windows Operation System need more help consult with AccountsPro experts available 24/7 Sage Support team .

  • Make sure that your hardware is configured. Don’t set NICs to 10 Mbps, it should be 100 Mbps. Make sure the configuration is properly installed and the network is verified.
  • If you Raid Controller Card in your Computer, download and install the latest available update.
  • Make sure that the server and any slow workstations have a minimum of 500 MB of available disk space.

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Sage 50 19 Running Slow Over Network

Check the Firewall Software/Anti-virus:

  • Don’t let Firewall/Antivirus scan Sage 50 Business Files and configure Anti-virus for .MKD and .DDF file extension.
  • You need to resolve McAfee Configuration Option.
  • You just have to make sure that the virus has been quarantined. If it is quarantined, you can get performance issues with your system.

Check Communication/Network:

  • Use TCP/IP to test Network Speed.
  • Use Workstation/Computer Name to run the ping test. You need to run this from every computer to the server. It is a process of few seconds, if it takes time to complete the process, let our technician handle the problem.

Check Permission Share:

  • For Server computer, verify that NTFS is set to full control for Sage. Make sure you set the same permission for \Program Files\Pervasive directory.
  • Check if restricted permissions are given to pervasive. Full rights for the sage folder should be there.

Check network settings if using a virtual server

  • Disable LRO with the help of VMware in the adapter (VMXNET3 Network).
  • Use (RSC) Receive Side Coalescing in windows to use LRO Technology.
  • Enabling/disabling LRO contains complete technical details and procedure. It is suggested that you get the process handled by our Technical Support Team who is proficient in handling such issues efficiently.

Sage 50 2019 Slow To Open

Verify if there are problems with other software or not:

  • If you have any other application/software running simultaneously, you may face issues with your Sage.
  • Restart your system.
  • Stop the Pervasive Engine.
  • Now, go to your Windows Task Manager, open Explorer and close the rest of the application/tabs and processes.
  • Now, start the pervasive engine manually and then very whether the Sage is performing well or not.
  • You may be seeing other tools in the Process Monitor. Close such tools also.

ProcMon (Process Monitor) is a technically enhanced Monitoring tool that network technician uses to check whether the program has any performance issue or not.
Other miscellaneous items that you need to check:

  • If you find slow process at the server and/or at the workstation, use program & features to uninstall pervasive. Now, reinstall the Sage software.
  • Log-in to another workstation and test windows profile of the user. Here, you need to install BWProfile.exe.
  • Now, install the same (BWProfile.exe) on the affected computer an test windows profile.
  • Using the same profile, if you find slow performance on the other workstation as same as the affected computer, the profile is likely damaged and the admin has to create a new profile.

Troubleshooting Sage 50 19.0 Accounts Running Slow Issue

To know more, you need to connect with AccountsPro assistance team via Technical Support Sage 50 Toll-Free Helpline Number +1-800-474-0179 .

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