QuickBooks Desktop Integration With Zoho Books
QuickBooks Desktop Integration With Zoho Books

How can you Integrate Zoho with QuickBooks?

Zoho Inventory integration is used to manage accounting and inventory management. This helps companies and customers easily access all the order details and payment details in the Zoho inventory.

A complete guide to customer details that leads to 100% customer satisfaction.
This integration of Zoho Inventory and QuickBooks helps you:

  1. Import details of sales and purchase from QuickBooks online and the Zoho inventory.
  2. You can easily import credit notes and bills along with payment details to QuickBooks online from the Zoho inventory.

Why should you integrate Zoho with Quickbooks?

Calculating productivity is one of the most important tasks for a managerial rank. It will determine the profit, the salary, and all the other goods and blessed things for a corporate house.

Here are the top eight reasons to integrate:

  1. Share data, save money, and time with this automated business management system.
  2. Keep the stock levels always ready and sell in multiple channels. It helps update the stock details, and purchase details and sell details seamlessly.
  3. Zero chance of human errors because the system is completely automated. Every detail is auto-updated and with zero errors.
  4. No monthly charges need to be paid.
  5. One-time investment.
  6. Customizations can be made based on your demands.
  7. Sync all your accounts, contacts, payables, and receivables without any issues.
  • Faster good deliveries and integration with multiple shipping carriers.
  • You can follow the process mentioned by AccountsPro team for QuickBooks Integration With Magento to keep track record each and every transaction on online store .

    What is the Process to Integrate Zoho with QuickBooks?

    Given below is the process that is required to integrate Zoho with QuickBooks:

    Step 1: Having a Zoho inventory account is a must, that you need to Log in to.

    Step 2: On the sidebar, you’ll see an Integrations tab, navigate to it.

    Step 3: You’ll see the Accounting tab, click on it.

    Step 4: Just next to QuickBooks Online, you’ll see ‘Connect To QuickBooks’ option. Click it.

    Step 5: Upon clicking, you’ll be redirected to a Sign-in page for QuickBooks.

    Step 6: Enter the valid credentials to make it work.

    Step 7: There will be multiple organizations showing. You have to select the organization you want to connect using Zoho Inventory.

    Step 8: After the selection of the organization, click Connect, and complete the action.

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    Requirements To Integrate Zoho Books With QuickBooks Desktop

    Here are the following requirements to integrate Zoho with QuickBooks:

    1. Active QuickBooks accounts are essential.
    2. The base currency should be the same for both organizations.
    3. Set the country as the US, for QuickBooks for proper integration.
    4. Multiple organizations cannot be connected with Zoho Inventory either with QuickBooks online.
    5. If you enable multiple currencies in the Zoho inventory, enable the same with QuickBooks online too.

    Support & Help QB Desktop Pro,Premier , Enterprise Integration With Zoho Books

    The above-mentioned steps might seem tricky and confusing at the beginning.
    That is why it is highly recommended to acquire the services of a professional for optimum integration of Zoho with QuickBooks.
    If at any point you feel disconnected from the process, don’t hesitate to give us a ring at the toll-free number QuickBooks Support .

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