QB Magento Integration
QB Magento Integration

Magento QuickBooks Enterprise Integration

Magento QuickBooks Enterprise Integration allows the data exchange between the streamlines and systems of the business. The integration can be done using the Cloras that is the integration platform. Using it you can easily integrate both applications. For the communication of QuickBooks with Magento, it is done using the XML-RPC web services. There are no files that need to install. Also if you have any per-integration query connect to QuickBooks Enterprise Support provided by AccountsPro

Steps To Integrate QB Enterprise With Magento

Method for integrating the Magento with QuickBooks Enterprise

For the web services in the Magento, you need to add the account for it. This login is different from the normal login that you do from website admin. For the setup of web service login, you need to follow these steps:-

Creating the SOAP/XML role

  1. Go to the Magento admin panel and then select the System option
  2. Then click on the Web Services and from further click on the SOAP/XML-RPC Roles
  3. Select the Add new role
  4. Click on the tab named Role info
  5. Now create a Role name and then select Save role
  6. Then in the Role resources tab change the access using the Resource access option
  7. In Resource Access, click on the All and choose the Save Role option.

When your eCommerce data become larger you’r desktop won’t handle it , hence you need to switch to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Solution’s for managing it .

Creating the SOAP/XML User

  1. In the admin panel of Magento, select the System and then click on the Web Services
  2. From Web services, select the SOAP/XML-RPC Users
  3. Click on the Add New User
  4. You need to enter the information of the account form that is generated
  5. The API Key and the User Name both are created by you
  6. Click on the option named Save User
  7. From the tab named User Role that does allocate the User to the Role (that is created above)
  8. In the end, click on the Save User.

Integrating QuickBooks Desktop With Magento: eCommerce Platforms

Integration of QuickBooks

QuickBooks uses web services for synchronizing the orders, products, customers, and invoices information between Magento and QuickBooks. Here “Connex” is used as the third-party web service connector. There is the set-up process that you need to follow to do it properly. The process is as follows:-

  1. Create the Connex for QuickBooks account

Register your account at Connex. Then you need to enter the password followed by the username.

  1. Pair the connection

Go to the connection and then from the drop-down, select the system to integrate with the QuickBooks.

  1. Web Connector needs to be installed

Firstly log in as the administrator then click on the File and from the options select the Update Web Services. Install the web connector if the option is missing.

  1. Connection Page of Web Services

Set up the connection and then click on the Configure. It is used for the Magento and QuickBooks pairing. If you are doing it the first time then it asks you to download the QWC file that has the login data of your connection. On the remote server, the file must be hosted.

For Pairing the Connex on the remote server

  • Open the QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Now login in it as the admin
  • Click on the File menu and then select the option Update Web Services
  • In the Web Connector, select the menu option File and then click on the Add an Application
  • Locate the downloaded QWC file
  • Then click on the OK button and do allow the web service
  • After that always click on the Yes button whether the company file is running or not
  • Now the web connector appears in this, enter the Connex
  • Click on the autorun and then on OK button
  • Enable autorun at 30-60 mins to save the settings.

Help For QB Magento Integration

AccountsPro team provide extensive help for APPS and software integration with QB software , either you want to integrate QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop with Magento , connect to AccountsPro team on QuickBooks Support Number for assistance or consulting .
For more information, you just need to dial the helpline number 📞 1-800-474-0179 , send an email to AccountsPro team do a live chat with experts.

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