Log Off User QB Enterprise
Log Off User QB Enterprise

How to Properly Log Off User in QuickBooks Enterprise

Ending a particular thing in a proper way provides a fresh start to your new beginnings.
The statement above stands true for life as well as for anything you’re involved in. QuickBooks is a popular accounting software solution used to achieve the proper functioning of organizations. From tracking transactional details to intercompany dealings, QuickBooks serves it all. Therefore, it becomes important to keep it safe and secure.
Closing or logging off a user or users from QuickBooks Enterprise needs a special mention in this context. It has been observed that users use the software but they are not aware of the proper log off process to be followed. Know how, can QuickBooks Cloud Hosting can convert single user license to multi-user access.

QuickBooks Enterprise Force User Log off/ Shut

Knowing the step-wise process to log off the QuickBooks Enterprise is mandatory to keep your software working robustly. When you have multiple hosted users on the same network, following the log off instructions becomes even more important. What most people do is they click Cross (x) mark at the extreme top corner on the main QuickBooks window.
That’s never recommended. Clicking the cross icon may shut the window and log you off but it enhances the risk of your file being corrupt. Hence, it is always advisable to opt for a proper log off process for closing the QuickBooks. Also in case you are unable to stop unauthorized access of company Ex-Employee, bookkeeper or accountant and there is a chance of QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number to learn how to reset all user access & password details.

Proper Log off Process QB

To ensure your software is closing down in a proper way by logging you off properly, you can follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. On the main QuickBooks window, click on the Filemenu
  2. Select Close Company Log off
  3. You are either logged off or in some cases, No Company Openwindow opens with an automatic backup dialogue box
  4. In the latter scenario, click on the Filemenu
  5. Choose Exit
  6. You’re done. You are logged off QuickBooks successfully

Log off Using QuickBooks Messenger

There are times when you may need to function in a Single-user mode. You can log out users in the QuickBooks Messenger using the Close company file for users feature. The step-wise instructions to be followed are listed below:

  1. Double-click the QuickBooks Messenger
  2. Click on the Actionsmenu
  3. Choose Close Company File for Users from the drop-down list
  4. Click on the user/users to be logged out
  5. Click Close Company File
  6. The unwanted users are logged out of the file, thereby allowing you to switch to Single-user mode

Get Help To Block Unauthorized QuickBooks Login

The aforementioned steps and instructions will help you to log off properly for QuickBooks. In case, you face further issues, we are always there to help you. From clearing your conceptual queries to resolving your technical issues, we can assist you in everything possible.
We provide efficient QuickBooks support to our customers. The experts from QuickBooks try to solve your technical issues as soon as possible. They are skilled enough to handle all your QuickBooks related technical problems.
Call us at ☎ +1-800-474-0179 for any queries

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  • Gary Samuels

    In QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop how can I find out how many users can be logged in at the same time. Or is there a restriction on how many users I can create? I think it’s 2021, the screen is going by so fast I’m having trouble seeing it

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