Advance Pricing QuickBooks
Advance Pricing QuickBooks

Advance Pricing Option Available in QB Enterprise Version

The price of any software product that you purchase is not always similar to the amount paid by other customers who come in. After all, there are multiple factors that determine the price of anything that you buy. With QuickBooks, users get an easy way to organize prices based on the determinants that affect the cost. Advance Pricing option available in QB Enterprise version makes sure you can manage the prices well and the customers too do not get confused. Not checked new features than check QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 upgrade to find out full details.

Advanced Pricing

QuickBooks Advanced Pricing is a new subscription-based feature introduced for customers using the U.S. editions and Canadian editions. So far as the former edition is concerned, customers who opt for a QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Subscription can only enjoy the feature. For the Canadian version users, on the other hand, the Advanced Pricing feature is purchased as an add-on-service.

With Advanced Pricing Features In QuickBooks , User Can

  • Create price level by customer and item
  • Override price level and that too at the time of sale
  • Create quantity Discounts
  • View the last sold price for an item
  • Edit/Adjust prices on a multiple-user mode
  • Create price rules
  • Apply multiple rules simultaneously
  • Create special rules
  • Include original price column

When it comes to advanced pricing for QuickBooks users, there are several discount options that they get. The best part of this subscription-based feature is that it makes the management of the pricing simple. There is a quantity discount, which charges customers based on the number of items they purchase.
For example, if the quantity you’re buying is between 10 and 19, you may have to pay one amount and for the number of items falling between 20 and 29, you may be charged a different amount. This again takes us to another term called price rules. Here the prices and discounts are set based on certain criteria. To set the price rules, go to Lists menu from the menu bar and select Price Rule List. Change the previous ones or click New to create a new rule. If still having issues in final price calculation than can QuickBooks Enterprise Help Number to get experts help.
Besides the quantity, there are many other factors that affect the cost of items in the QuickBooks Advanced Pricing feature. If you’re a cash or credit card user, you will be subject to different discount options while you may have a coupon code to get you discounts on the prices. The inclusion of state taxes is yet another mandatory factor that affects the pricing.
When a particular item appears on multiple lines of a sales form, QuickBooks does not consider the quantities of each line item. For example, if a quantity discount is 10 percent if you purchase 10 or more items and five comes from one inventory and the rest five comes from another one, it is shown as two line items. In such a scenario, QuickBooks does not apply 10 percent discount, though the total number of items is 10. Thus, it is recommended to do the calculation manually in this case.

Get Help Advance Pricing Problem QuickBooks

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