QB Enterprise Import Invoice
QB Enterprise Import Invoice

How Do I Import Invoices QB Enterprise Desktop ?

Before you approach your clients or customers for bill payments, having an invoice is a must. Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet formats are normally used to keep a track of all inventory, monetary, and other resource transaction details. When you have QuickBooks, the invoice creation becomes easier than ever. Hence, it is recommended to import invoices to QuickBooks before emailing the same to clients. You can check here full process QuickBooks Enterprise Email Invoice for more detail .

QuickBooks Enterprises Import Invoices

As soon as you decide on importing invoices in QuickBooks Enterprise version, you must know that you will always need some kind of software or application to achieve that. Here, you will get a step-by-step list of instructions to be followed for proper QuickBooks Enterprise import invoices feature based on the intermediary software that will be used for the purpose. Also you can connect AccountsPro team on QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number to learn other option available for you .

Using Zed Axis
You can import invoices in QuickBooks by using Zed Axis, yet another software. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  1. Open QuickBooks company file
  2. Log in as an Administrator
  3. Open Zed Axis
  4. Select the text file or spreadsheet to be imported in the invoice
  5. Set up the Mapping of the columns in the invoice import file according to the based on the fields available
  6. Click Import
  7. Your invoices will be added to QuickBooks company file

Using Transaction Pro Importer
You can also import invoices using the Transaction Pro Importer. The instructions to ensure proper import are as follows:

  1. Select the browse button on the Transaction Pro main screen
  2. Select the file to be imported
  3. Select Import type of invoices. This will display the invoices eligible to be imported
  4. Click Options button if you want to select any other option
  5. The File contents screen appears. You get the data in a grid format there
  6. Click Next
  7. You get the Mapping screen. In case the mapping screen does not load map button properly, you are recommended to go to c:\my documents\01 Transaction Pro Importer 5.0\invoice map.dat. The required fields will appear in red in the first column
  8. Click Next
  9. You get the Transaction Pro Importer
  10. The next screen will want you to review the data and make sure the data is mapped accurately. The data required in QuickBooks are at the top of the grid.
  11. Click Next
  12. This will be the last screen of Transaction Pro. Here, you can select new items you want to be imported
  13. Click Finish. The import process starts

Some fields may appear in yellow highlights during the import process. You may click on them to know the details about them being highlighted.

Can’t Import Invoices ? QB Get Help

For further assistance and guidance, you can reach our QuickBooks support team of experts at 📞 1⚊800⚊474⚊0179 . AccountsPro known for trusted QB services. Our QuickBooks help team is available round the year and our QuickBooks experts are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all sorts of QuickBooks Errors and related issues .

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    i just purchase Quickbooks for MAC and need to export invoice templates from my old Quickbooks Desktop into my new MAC OS QBW. Can you help? Yes but I did not export my old templates from legacy QBW on Desktop

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