QB Paid Sick Leave Covid 19
QB Paid Sick Leave Covid 19

How To Setup COVID-19 Sick Leave In QuickBooks

FFCRA referred to a temporary rule in which employees affected by Corona Virus are provided paid sick leave. This rule applies to both public & private organizations containing less than 500 employees. Organizations with up to 500 staff are allowed to access the updated three provisions to get benefitted during COVID-19. This act will remain until 31 Dec 2020.AccountsPro will cover the setup of the National Paid Leave FMLA item and QuickBooks COVID Sick Leave.Do you need further details connect now AccountsPro team on QuickBooks Support Phone Number to get assistance .

Process For QuickBooks Covid-19 Sick Leave Implementation

Check software update manually:

Before applying for QuickBooks COVID Sick leave make ensure that the software is up to date. Here is the list of steps to check the update of the software manually.

  • Locate Help option
  • Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hit on Options tab and then click on Mark All
  • Select Save
  • Navigate Update Now option
  • Choose Checkbox named Reset Update
  • Click on Get Updates.

What Is Coronavirus Response Act ?

Coronavirus Response Act:

According to this Act the company can provide National Paid Sick leave to its employees suffering from Covid-19. This sick leave involves the following two major reasons:

  • Employees are sick and thus quarantined
  • They want to take care of their family member who is affected by Covid-19

Both Full-time and part-time employees can get benefited. Full-time staff can experience paid sick leave of up to 80 hours with 100% payment for two weeks whereas a part-time employee can get according to the working hours over two weeks.

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Tracking Paid Leave Corona Virus QuickBooks Payroll

Track paid leave & sick time for an employee affected by coronavirus:

QuickBooks Desktop payroll allows your employees to get the money they require. If you have already set-up certain paid leave items on the behalf of FFCRA before 23rd April 2020, you need to consider below-mentioned points:

  • Ensure that you are paying to the employee of Social Security
  • Make sure that you are not set to pay the employee for your updated FFCRA payroll items.

Also before moving ahead you need to Understand What’s Payroll Item QuickBooks For Covid-19 .
You can reach the customer support to select the default button

Default button setup:

Here are the steps:

  • Choose Employee located at the top corner of the menu
  • Scroll down to explore payroll items, choose Edit or View payroll items displaying on the National Paid leave items
  • Click on the Next tab unless a taxability screen will appear.
  • Choose the default button. Now you will set the taxability to deselect Employer Social Security
  • Continue entire steps to set up National Paid leave additions.

Things need to do before paying employees:

Following is the list of steps you require:

Step 1- Characterize employee’s profit and hourly rate:

Initially you need to discover the type of leave along with the hourly rate.

Type of Benefits:

FFCRA includes three types of paid leave. Additionally, employers can receive a credit if there present any health insurance premium during leave

  • National Paid Leave Employee:

When the employee is sick and under isolation with COVID-19

  • National Paid Leave Family:

The employee wants to take care of the sick relative who is affected by COVID-19

  • National Paid Leave FMLA:

This leave comes under the family medical leave Act in which employee needs to take care of their children fewer than 18 isolated with COVID-19

  • National Paid Leave-Health Credits:

If you are adding to a representative’s medical coverage during the time they are being paid under the FFCRA arrangements.

Hour & Rate Setup Covid-19 Emergency Paid Leave

Hourly rate:

In case when you are paying employees on an hourly base there is a need to consider some exceptions associated with FLSA. This includes:

  • Commission employees:

You are required to create an hourly rate for employees.  It should be equal to the commission paid from the past 6 months divided by the working hours

  • Tipped employees:

You require including the tipped income of the employee while filling paid leave / FMLA expansion pay.

Check the income of employees over the past six months and then average it over the working hours at the same duration.

Step 2- Expense accounts setup for paid leave:

Once you have selected the suitable paid leave type now the next step is to set up an account to monitor the eligible wages for future tax credits.

Follow the steps:

  • Navigate the lists menu and then choose Chart of Accounts
  • Choose the drop-down named Account and then click on New
  • Select Expense and then hit on Continue
  • Search for Other Expense listed in the dropdown which says Account Type
  • Name your expense account like COVID-19 Expenses in the appearing name box and enter out the required information in it
  • Click on Save & Close.

Create QB Payroll Item For Statutory Sick Pay Corona Virus

Step 3-Payroll items set-up:

After setting up an expense & liability account, the next thing is to set up the payroll items so that you can track the paid leave type.

Following is the list of steps for National Paid Leave Employee & National Paid Leave Family

  • Discover Employees menu, select Manage Payroll Items, and after that choose New Payroll Item.
  • Choose Custom Setup and then click on Next
  • Hit on Addition and then choose Next
  • Now you need to give a suitable name to pay type like National Paid Leave EE then choose Next
  • An Expense account dialog will appear on the screen and then choose COVID-19 expense and then click on Next
  • A window named Tax tracking type will displays on the screen, choose the preferred paid leave type on the base of which you are processing to setup tax tracking type
  • Locate a window named taxes and hit on Next
  • Choose to calculate this item based on quantity listed in the appearing window and then proceed with clicking on Next button
  • Set the rate in the window which says Default Rate and limit as $ 5110 to National Paid leave Employee limit and $ 2000 as The National Paid leave family
  • Make sure that the type of limit is annual, restart each year and after that choose Finish.

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Step 4- New tax item setup:

Follow the steps:

  • Navigate employee menu and then click on Manage payroll items
  • Choose new payroll item
  • Click on Custom Setup and then choose next
  • Discover window named payroll item type and then choose other tax and then click on Next
  • Click on National Paid leave Credit in a window which says other tax and then hit on Next
  • Explore the report window and write National Paid Leave credit in the appearing box and then click on Next
  • Choose the agency from the dropdown displaying the Agency for company-paid window
  • Explore dropdown named liability account and then click on Covid-19 expenses and then choose payroll expenses  from expense dropdown
  • Click on Next
  • Choose finish in the taxable compensation window.

Step 5-Execute a regular payroll:

Now you can easily manage COVID sick leave under FFCRA. The next thing is to execute payroll. Ensure that you embed the suitable payroll items for leave.

Help Covid-19 Sick Leave Setup QB Pro,Premier , Enterprise

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