Sage 50 Won’t Connect To Its Database

When installing the Sage 50 accounting system on system, you are unable to link to the database. There are many reasons associated with the failure of Sage 50 Error Connecting Database, for instance, the Actian service is blocked on the server, failure to ping the server, or the network location is set to public rather than private or more. The AccountsPro team explains a troubleshooting guide to fix Sage 50 unable to connect to Its Database issue moreover, users can get help from the Sage 50 Error Support team.

Sage 50 Unable To Connect To Its Database

Sage 50 Unable To Connect To Its Database

What Are The Causes Of Sage 50 Failure To Connect To Its Database?

  • The Actian service is paused on the server
  • Failed to ping the server
  • When the Profile set or network location is set to public
  • If the configuration file does not contain the right path
  • Incorrect ini file
  • The firewall-blocking application
  • The wrong server name is in a file named ~PVSW~
  • Mapped driver Use distributed file system (DFS)
  • Corrupted WMI(Windows Management Instrumentation)
  • The workstation contains the wrong data path
  • If workstations & server is on the different versions
  • Enabled Multiple NIC
  • Used IPv6 in place of IPv4

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Fix Sage 50 Can’t Connecting To Database Error

How to Rectify Sage 50 Unable to Connect to Its Database?
Following is the list of resolutions to fix the Sage 50 unable to connect to its database error:

Data Path Verification Sage 50

Method 1- Verify the data path:

Check there is a correct datapath on a stand-alone system/server with the below steps:

  • The datapath acts as the location with data. If the application is searching in the wrong directory then there might have several issues. Thus it is essential to have the right data path.
  • Search the data
  • Now find the company directories with the below instructions:
    • Hit File button
    • Click the Open company tab
    • Choose the main Sage page with no companies open option
    • Select the option named Open an existing company
    • It will appear an active companies history and company file location in the column which says Directory
    • Now check the data path
  • Discover the data path from Sage icon properties with the following instructions:
    • Open Sage 50-US Edition
    • Choose File button
    • Click the Open Company tab
    • Now drag the box corner to show the full directory
    • It includes minus and the company name truncated spell known as the data path
    • After this search for the program path by right click on the Sage icon
    • Choose Properties tab
    • It will display the blue highlighted path, minus Peachw.exe known as the program path
    • Click Open file location to open the program path
    • Now start a comparison between the two directories. Make sure they should match except for the company folder appearing at the data directory end.
    • In case there found a wrong data path now fix it by moving data to the data path or fix the data path by changing the data path, and also you can take a backup of your Sage 50 data?

Method 2- Check Actian Paused or Hang?

  • Hit Windows+R button
  • Enter SERVICES.MSC in the search box
  • Hit OK
  • Now give right-click on the option named Actian PSQL workgroup engine
  • Choose Stop button
  • Select Actian PSQL Workgroup Engine and give right-click on it
  • Check workstation can open

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Method 3- Set Network profile set to Server/workstation:

  • Verify the network profile or network location failed to Public
  • Search the network connection
  • Choose network connection and give right-click on it
  • Click the option named Open Network & Internet Settings
  • If the network status is set to the Public network tab
  • Now switch to the button named Properties option
  • Below the Network, profile tab modify the option from Public to Private
  • Click on the back arrow
  • Now close the window which says Settings
  • Next Test connectivity tab

Method 4- Check Configure Firewall:

  • Start firewall configuration to permit access to the below URLs:
    • Sage Activation URL:
  • Follow the instructions if you are getting a Sage 50 Activation Problem.

  • If you have a 32-bit operating system, click the Program files option
  • Follow the files that should be let through the firewall & embedded in the list named antivirus exceptions:
  • Ports 1583, 443, 3351
  • Search for the program path:
    • Peachw.exe
    • PeachtreePrefetcher.exe
    • SmartPostingService[Version].exe
    • PeachUpd.exe
    • SageReg.exe
    • Sage.overdrive.cloudbackup.exe
  • Check the file named OverDriveData.txl
  • Search the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sage Data Exchange
    • Sage.Data.Exchange.Client.exe
    • SageOverDrive.exe
  • Find the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sage Data Exchange:
    • Sage.Data.Exchange.Client.exe
    • SageOverDrive.exe
  • Check the data path: OverDriveData.txt file
  • Fill in the Sage URL exceptions that might be blocked or prevent the Sage from downloading
  • So locate the below Program Files, if a 32-bit OS, find the file peachw.exe.config & write an exception for every URL that appears in the file

Method 5- Check if there is a black server name or wrong name in ~PVSW~.LOC file:

  • Find the data path
  • Now launch the ~PVSW~.LOC file through the notepad
  • Change the wrong server name with the right one

Method 6- Check the network communication issue:

  • Open the workstation
  • Search by server name
  • Now hit on Windows key+R button at the server to open the Run window
  • Enter cmd
  • Hit OK
  • Enter ipconfig
  • Hit Enter key
  • Note down the IPv4 Address
  • Enter Hostname
  • Hit Enter key
  • Remember the system name and then open the workstation and repeat the steps
  • Enter Ping[server computer name]
  • Hit Enter key
  • Check the workstation gets a response with a Server Ip address
  • Repeat the same process

Method 7- Check the confirmation files:

  • For this open the system
  • Locate
  • 2018 release
  • – C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach
  • 2019 release
  • – C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peach
  • Now open the configuration file for the Sage 50 version
  • Check the line with DATAPATH with the active mapped drive & the company folder if required
  • Check the line with DATAPATHUNC=
  • It comprises of active server name, instead of the old server name; if not, then apply the changes then Hit the File button then click Save
  • Now close the Notepad window

Method 8-Uninstall Pervasive PSQL:

  • Locate Program & Features button
  • Now click uninstall Pervasive PSQL[version] or Actian PSQL[version]
  • Delete or give a name to the below folder if present:
    • C:\ProgramData\Pervasive Software
    • § C:\Program Files (x86)\Pervasive Software
    • § C:\Program Files\Pervasive Software)
  • Now type Regedit on the run window to open Registry Editor and then search for the below field and rename
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pervasive Software
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pervasive Software
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pervasive Software
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Pervasive Software

Here the write-up is complete! Now if you face any difficulties while implementing the above methods or if you have any other doubts then get connected to the professional team. The experts are here to assist you with the best resolutions. Connect now Sage 50 Live Chat team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What If the mapped driver is no longer required?

    In this scenario, embed the data path with the server name using a UNC path with the below steps:

    1. Open the system
    2. Search for C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree
    3. Now open the DATAPATH line to the right company data path
    4. Launch the configuration file according to the version

  2. How to fix an error If I am using DFS for a mapped drive?

    The Sage 50 doesn’t use a DFS share. To disconnect the drive and use the standard UNC path to map the drive.

  3. Do the program compatible with a DFS(Distributed file system)?

    1. No, Sage is not compatible with a DFS
    2. To handle this case, there requires a standard UNC path to map to the share on the server.

  4. Can version incompatibility be the reason for being unable to connect the database?

    Yes, if the workstation and server have different versions then there might be errors. So make sure that they are on the same version. If not then it is the best decision to download the latest updates through the services option and then hit system updates.

  5. How would I fix the corrupted WMI?

    1. Open the run window
    2. Enter eventvwr
    3. Hit OK
    4. Choose Windows logs
    5. Click Application

  6. What If I set IPv6 instead of IPv4?

    There will pop-up Unable To Connect To Its Database error. So you need to disable the IPv6 to improve the functionality.

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