serial.dat Error Sage 50
serial.dat Error Sage 50

Serial.dat Fatal Error While Using Sage 50 Accounting

With excellent accounting features, Sage 50 has become the best software for business organizations whether they are small, medium or big in size. The benefits are many, which drive users to get it installed on their PCs for hassle-free accounting services.
But there are many scenarios where the software product stops working due to some technical issues that may arise from time to time. One of the frequent errors that you encounter while working with the software is the Serial .dat Error Of Sage 50 .
AccountsPro has a set of individuals who gain expertise in handling Sage 50 issues. As soon as you inform them about the issues, they will try and resolve them at the earliest.

When Serial.dat Occurred In Sage 50 Pro, Premium & Quantum Accounting Software

The error is caused when:

  • Network issue
  • File is Read-only
  • UAC enabled
  • Incorrect data path in the .INI file
  • Sage 50 activation file problems
  • Connection issue between the workstation and server hosting the software
  • Time-out or session expiry while client station is awaiting some kind of response from server station

When it comes to the serial.dat error, there are various error codes that you may get, which include 3004, 3006, 3008, 3010, 3014, 3020, 3032, 3108, 3110, 3111, and 3112. Whatever the code may be, all of them are File System Error in SERIAL.DAT series.

Reason Why Go For Sage 50 Hosting

As a business owner, you may want to make sure you can keep a watch on different activities of your employees on the company file even when you’re not present in the premises.With Sage 50 Cloud Hosting Services, you can be assured of having 24/7-access to your file from anywhere at any time. The best part of that you can use any device available to you to monitor your company file. If you consult AccountsPro Sage 50 tech support representatives, they will help you explore the cloud hosting services.

How To Fix Sage 50 File System Error SERIAL.DAT

There are four methods listed below which help you fix the issue
Method 1: Re-start Pervasive

  1. Go to Start
  2. Choose All Programs
  3. Select Pervasive PSQL
  4. Choose Engines
  5. Click Stop Engine
  6. Go to Start
  7. Choose All Programs
  8. Select Pervasive PSQL
  9. Choose Engines
  10. Click Start Engine
  11. Click on the Start search boxthat appears
  12. Enter msc
  13. Click OK
  14. Locate Sage Service Host
  15. Right-click it
  16. Choose Restart

Method 2: Uninstall the software

  1. Uninstall Sage
  2. Reinstall Sage
  3. Get it on the default program path
  4. Check if the error has been resolved

Method 3: Change the file attribute

  1. Go to the file location showing error
  2. Right-click on the file
  3. Select Properties
  4. Go to the Attributes option
  5. Uncheck Read-onlybox
  6. Click OK
  7. See if the error has been resolved

Method 4: Disable UAC

  1. Go to Sage 50icon
  2. Right-click it
  3. Choose Run as administrator
  4. Now click Startmenu
  5. Enter UAC in the search text box
  6. Select Change User Account Control Settings
  7. Move the slider to Never Notifyin the next window
  8. Click OK
  9. Restart your PC

Get Support For Sage/Peachtree Serial .Dat Error Troubleshooting

In case you face any issue in following the above steps, you can contact our AccountsPro individuals for further assistance . You only need to connect on Sage Support on toll free help desk number +1-800-474-0179 to get the required support. Even you can talk with agents available on Sage 50 Live Chat .

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