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Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager Download, Install, Setup

Sage 50 payroll bureau manager

What Is Payroll Bureau Manager Sage 50?

The Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager is a free add-on with a user-friendly dashboard to let you view all the tasks and clients related to the bureau. It allows you to add custom fields for general tasks such as client contact details, and payroll cut-off dates. Moreover, there are several other perks. Team of AccountsPro guide related to the payroll bureau manager, Sage 50 to opt for the time-saving professional payroll service, also you can learn about the Sage 50 Payroll Bonus Setup process in simple steps.

What are the Functions of the Payroll Bureau Manager In Sage 50?

  1. It is a free add-on helpful in managing multiple payroll clients & to stay productive with advanced cloud technologies. The payroll bureau manager modernizes the payroll with automated options to ensure saving time and accuracy.
  2. You can view the details of the clients & processes through the dashboard. It also helps in adding custom fields for the required things such as contact details, time, or date.
  3. With a single login, you can access the clients
  4. You can easily manage user access and also rapidly run updates without the requirement of accessing clients separately
  5. It helps in reducing errors and deleting manual processes. You can link the client and their employees easily with smart online technology
  6. It also simplifies and standardizes tasks to stay focused on delivering better experiences for both small & medium-sized clients
  7. You can remain connected with the innovative options, easily share data, and collaborate data securely
  8. The automated emails help to keep the clients updated in real-time

You can also get full step guidance for Sage 50 Wages Journal Entry which helps you to not only calculate right employee salary but also calculate right payroll tax.

How to Connect the Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager with Sage 50 Cloud Payroll?

You can integrate the payroll bureau manager seamlessly with the Sage 50 cloud payroll to ease payroll management. It simplifies multi-company tasks and saves time & effort.

Here is the list of steps you need to follow:

Download And Install Sage Payroll Bureau Manager v4.0.3

Firstly download and install Bureau Manager. For this following are the steps:

  1. The initial thing is to locate a trustworthy website to download the Sage 50 Bureau Manager
  2. Now go to the File button and double-click on it
  3. Choose Run button
  4. With till the installation is completed
  5. Once it finishes then hit the Close button
  6. Now repeat the procedure to install Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager on all the system

Requirements For Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager

For new users here are the things you need to consider:

  1. Initially select a shared location
  2. To begin Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager you require selecting a Sage 50 bureau manager database location. It should be in a shared location on the network to allow users to connect to it.
  3. Now verify the location where data is held.

You can follow the standard procedure to Activate Sage 50 Payroll ID and you will never get any warning or error message.

Database Setup & Settings Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager

Setting up the Payroll Bureau Manager database:

  1. Open the Sage 50 payroll bureau, Manager
  2. Hit on the Create a New Database option
  3. Choose Next button
  4. Fill in the Account number & serial number
  5. Select Next tab
  6. Hit the Browse option then search for the location where you need to create the Bureau Manager database
  7. If you need to share the data with other users then select a shared location
  8. Hit the Next button then generate an administrator login password
  9. It will create the administrator for the username
  10. Fill out a security question & answer
  11. Now hit the Next button
  12. Select Finish tab
  13. Click the Yes button to import the company now and the No tab to import later

Also, it’s necessary for users to take Sage 50 Payroll Data Backup carefully so if something goes, all data can be revere back.

Sage 50 Cloud Payroll Company List Import

If you have selected the Yes tab to import the companies then follow the below steps:

  1. Launch the Sage 50 payroll bureau, Manager
  2. Hit on the Maintenance option
  3. Choose Import tab
  4. Hit Browse option
  5. Search for the location with Sage 50 payroll companies
  6. By default it is C:\ProgramData\Sage\Payroll
  7. Hit Next button
  8. Choose the companies you need to import into the Bureau Manager
  9. Fill out each company manager’s password
  10. If all the companies contain the same manager password then write it in the option named use this password for all companies
  11. Hit Next button
  12. Select Finish tab

In some cases Importing Timesheet Sage 50 Payroll won’t success or having a compatibility issue, hence user need to check manual carefully.

Start Accessing The Companies With The Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager

Before accessing you require adding users. Here are the steps to add users:

  1. Launch the Sage 50 cloud payroll bureau, Manager
  2. Hit on the tab named permissions
  3. Choose the Add tab then in the option labeled user details
  4. Now write the below information:
  5. Username-fill the username you need to use
  6. Password: make sure the password meets the stated criteria
  7. Confirm: re-write the password
  8. Security question & answer: write the security question and answer
  9. Select the checkbox named administrator if you need the user to be an administrator to allow the company required access level to the user in the column named Access template choose the needed access level for the user as below:
    • full access: The user contains the company’s full processing access
    • reporting option: The user acing the data for reporting objectives
  10. Hit Save button

What is Sage 50 Automated Payroll?

Automated payroll streamlines the processing of multiple payrolls, making it faster and more convenient than ever. Through the creation of predefined sequences of payroll processing tasks, called recipes, this system enables you to automatically run tasks sequentially for your clients with the simple click of a button.

Creating and managing multiple recipes to meet the specific needs of each of your customers is a straightforward process.

Prepare each payroll by creating individual recipes, specifying the necessary steps to be taken for an optimized and efficient process.

Let’s Run Through the Steps Now

To view your recipes, go to the Automated Payroll tab at the top left of Sage Bureau Manager. After this click on the recipe button. Your current recipes will be displayed on the left side of the window, as well as a text search feature to help you.

To enter your options, select the desired recipe on the left, and then click the Options button located above the recipe settings.

Options appear below.

  • Rename: Select this option to modify the name of the chosen recipe.
  • Duplicate: This option generates a new recipe identical to the selected one, allowing you to subsequently rename and modify it.
  • Delete: Click this option to remove the chosen recipe.
  • Edit: Select this option to modify the configuration of the chosen recipe.

Won’t Connect Payroll Bureau Manager Sage 50

Hopefully, the information is helpful! If you are still unable to connect the Payroll Bureau Manager with Sage 50 payroll, get connected with a professional team of Sage 50 Payroll Support.

FAQs – Sage Payroll Bureau Manager On MAC, Windows 11,10,8

Can I Need To Log In Multiple Times To Use The Sage 50 Cloud Payroll Bureau Manager?

No, you only require a single-time log-in to switch between systems with ease. Make sure you set up access right before accessing the companies. If you need further help connect to the Sage 50 Payroll Live Chat team now.

Can I Delete The Not Required Existing Users With The Sage 50 Cloud Bureau Manager?

Yes, you can edit & delete the existing users if you are logged in with administrator credentials.

How Would I Check The Location Of The Sage 50 Company Payroll Database To Import?

✅ Open the Help button
✅ Choose the About tab
✅ Now make a data directory note

How Would I Edit The Existing Users In Sage 50 Payroll Bureau Manager?

✅ Launch Sage 50 payroll, Bureau Manager
✅ Hit on the Permissions button
✅ Choose the checkbox for the needed username
✅ Select the Edit button
✅ You can add the username, security question & answer, and remove access a clicking on the Window named user Details
✅ Click Company Access to manage the company the user has access to
✅ Choose the checkbox for the companies you need to provide the user access to
✅ Click on the column named Access Template to assign the needed access level
✅ Now choose the needed user access level with the below options:
✔ Reporting
✔ Full Access
✔ None
✅ Hit the Save button

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