QuickBooks Delete Inactive Account
QuickBooks Delete Inactive Account

When QB User Need To Delete Account From Charts Of Account

While you are managing vast entries in your QuickBooks Software any process would take much time and its slow down bookkeeping and accounting task. Sometimes unused or inactive accounts need to process during generating reports or tax filing. A situation comes when a lot of entries come on QB dashboard and you have to work hard to find a specific one entry even using search option of QuickBooks. You need to keep dashboard as simple as so you can locate a single entry in little time. Moreover, Bank Account, checking account or expired credit card account no need to keep for in the records.Also, there is no need to keep $0 balance accounts in your QuickBooks Charts Of Account. Even QB gives you the option to hide records or accounts, but the transactions rest safe in the background. But sometimes a user needs to delete accounts from COA its either be bank account or expense or earning account.

Advantages Importance of Deleting Accounts QB

Once your business is on fine track and you are growing, it is important to know what you did right. In order to retrace your steps financially or professionally, you may refer doing sorting or a well known activity Audit.

At some point, an audit of records happens in every business. It is a mandatory activity to ensure everything is currently streamlined and should stay in perfect sync for near future. It will include the sorting of past records as well. You may come across of several of the records, transactions, invoices and accounts, which you may not need in future. With QuickBooks, you will be able to do this audit activity for your records in a short time interval. Also its speed up the process of Importing QuickBooks Charts Of Account whenever required .

How to Delete an Account in QuickBooks?

Here are the steps you should refer to delete the account from QuickBooks:

  • Sign in the QuickBooks account.
  • Go on the gear icon at the top right hand side corner
  • Select Chart of Accounts (COA) under your company section,.
  • Select the account to delete as per the requirements.
  • Hover your mouse over the Action column, a drop down will appear
  • Choose Delete action from the drop down.
  • Click Yes once asked for the confirmation.

Note: Once you choose to delete an account and complete the steps, it will be removed from the Chart of Accounts. The best part is that you can always filter the COA pages to include any inactive or deleted accounts. It is actually, referring to the archived records. This way, your account will stay streamlined and you can always go for retracing your past records.

One of the amazing features QuickBooks Cloud Hosting enable the user to keep data safe even when it’s deleted from the QB software and recover back in QB whenever required.

At the hour of need, you can always choose to restore it back in COA. Please refer to these steps:

  • Logon to your QuickBooks account
  • Select Accounting from the left bar menu.
  • Click on the gear like icon at the Action column.
  • Choose the account’s inactive box.
  • Once done, search the deleted account in the search bar.
  • Click Restore

Get Help Unable To Delete Account QB Pro,Premier, Enterprise

QuickBooks needs no introduction to the business world as it has proven to be the game changer. It is one of the leading brands of accounting software, which not only facilitates you with record keeping but updating your lengthy files in quick minutes as well as act as a virtual accountant. Also QuickBooks Support Number working 24×7 to provide vital assistance for even small issue .

Its advancement will keep you in awe that you will become a pro yourself in no time. Your record keeping skills will flourish and with cloud based tech memory, you will be able to keep the data on your tips. But records will be needing maintenance as well. Only recording every entry is not enough. But you may have exclude or delete some specific entry, transaction or accounts to ensure the perfect sync. QuickBooks gives you this option as well.
Once done with all the steps, the mentioned account will be added again and you can go through it one more time. With this ease of access, it is almost impossible to not enjoy accounting.

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