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QuickBooks 2017 R5 Issues


QuickBooks software has risen and maintained its position amongst the top accounting software since it was designed. The software is structured with new and innovative features and tools with the release of new versions every year while maintaining its USP of being user-friendly. However, at times some of the new versions are not compatible with the user’s system and thus end up running into errors for which Intuit then releases updates. Another benefit of these updates is the security patches and integration of tools within the software. In case want to update EnterpriseSuite Software connect to QuickBooks Enterprise Support for expert help & advice.

What was QuickBooks 2017 R5?

There were some minor shortcomings with the QuickBooks 2017 product. Therefore, a product update was released. This QuickBooks 2017 Product Release 5 (R5) includes minor bug fixes and spelling improvements. Additionally, a major change related to password management was included. QuickBooks 2017 R5 includes the latest security update release, which has optimized the process of password management. The purpose of this inclusion is to enable users to stay logged in for a certain time frame without requiring them to re-enter their password.

Issues after installing QuickBooks 2017 Release 5

Following the installation of QuickBooks 2017 Product Release 5, numerous users encountered performance issues, particularly after incorporating specific QuickBooks add-on programs. The primary concern reported was a slowdown and crashes in QuickBooks Pro hosting services for 2017. The performance of the QuickBooks add-on product deteriorated gradually, leading to a noticeable slowdown. Eventually, the QuickBooks application itself crashed. This decline in performance affected not only the add-on product but also the QuickBooks database, resulting in a slower overall application performance.

Types of Problems Associated With QuickBooks 2017 R5

Following the pattern, Intuit released QuickBooks 2017 R5 in March. However, the release ended up causing more problems for QuickBooks users than providing benefits. These QuickBooks 2017 R5 problems dealt with add-on applications integrated and used with the software. Keeping this problem in front, the software slowly ran into performance and speed issues, consequently ending up crashing the software. Comprehending the issues faced with the software after the update was installed, many accountants and bookkeepers advised to not go forward with the update till the time Intuit does not resolve the issue. Also, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting users if activated auto update might they unable to open QB after R5.

QuickBooks 2017 R5 update consisted of only 1 paramount change along with many little solutions. These solutions are fixes for small bugs faced with the QuickBooks 2017 version and to resolve them Intuit comprised all the resolutions under one update. The most important change brought in by the update is related to security under which certain changes were made regarding the password entry wherein the user can stay logged in without much activity for only a specific time. This update was also introduced with QuickBooks 2016 R10 and QuickBooks 2015 R13.

Resolve, Fix QuickBooks 2017 R5 Errors

Problems faced with QuickBooks 2017 R5 generally occurred with users having 3rd party add-on products integrated with QuickBooks software. It is not true in the case of all the add-on products; however, some that access transaction query does face the problem of performance and crashing of QuickBooks. Although the main trigger point is not confirmed, seeing the pattern it can be denoted that the programs which are in use with transaction data of the software are experiencing problems with the QuickBooks 2017 R5 update. For the users employing FLEXquarters the issues faced with QODBC driver while Clearify pointed towards the app QQube. The point in the end is that the error is not related to 3rd party agency and their programs but is the result of the R5 update of QuickBooks 2017.

As no concrete resolution is known, many QuickBooks ProAdvisors and experts have forwarded the following points of advice:

✅ Those who haven’t yet updated with this release called R5, it is recommended not to continue with the update and hold off till further warning.
✅ For those who have gone forward with the R5 update one option is to go back to QuickBooks 2017 R4 update. This option is however quite complex as the user will have to look for the files related to the R4 update and uninstall current changes made with R5.
✅ The second option for the users who have updated with QuickBooks 2017 R5 is to wait and not make many changes in their software till the time Intuit fixes the issue with R5. As the main point of error is not known, the professionals of QuickBooks are unable to narrow down the exact resolution.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise 2017 R5 Problems

Both solutions provided for the user with QuickBooks 2017 R5 are not concrete ones and will require suitable help from the QuickBooks Technical Support Number. The good news is that Intuit has almost reached the pinnacle of the issue and is sure to provide a resolution soon. If the user still faces issues with these small updates for QuickBooks they can connect with either Intuit set-up QuickBooks team or connect with third-party support agencies like AccountsPro at or call on Toll-Free Number

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