Set Up Payroll QB
Set Up Payroll QB

How To Set Up Payroll In QuickBooks ?

QuickBooks is one of the best platforms to handle all small and medium-sized business accountancy essentials. The aim of this software is to manage entire financial management with more accuracy. It introduces many advanced features to make the workflow smooth and reduce all complex issues. With all advanced attributes, QuickBooks introduces payroll services to track the employees’ pay status including all tax deductions and increments. This blog will help you to set up the payroll in QuickBooks and provides guidelines on how to run it properly. May business are using QuickBooks Enterprise Enhanced Payroll for managing their employee salary and payroll taxes .

Types Of QuickBooks Payroll Option & Version

QuickBooks payroll services updated with many versions 

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll basic, enhanced, assisted, QuickBooks online payroll, Intuit online payroll, and Intuit full-service payroll are an all unique version of QuickBooks payroll services. You can pick any one of them as per your business requirements. With these payroll services, employees also enable to check their pay status including all tax deductions and increments annually. You can full details QuickBooks TAX form , which included all federal and state tax .

Do you know you can use any payroll software with QB , just switch to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting to integrate any payroll software you want to use .

Process Setting Up Payroll in QuickBooks Desktop

Before setting up payroll, make sure about these things and provide all mandatory information from federal and state agencies

  • User has to provide all the necessary information regarding your company
  • All compensation and benefits updated to view and to compare with other produces which are available in the market
  • In your installed QuickBooks, user need to enter employees’ detail such as job profile, current status, work performance and all relatable information as per requirements
  • User make sure to update all information regarding taxes after every 45 days such as tax table
  • Prior Payrolls helps you choose the best payroll services as per your filled business information
  • Payroll service calculates your taxes, the user just needs to enter all liability information and all Direct Deposit in the specific section.

Learn Setting UP Child Support in QuickBooks with garnishment and Paying Child Support Through QuickBooks .

To set up payroll in QuickBooks, users make sure to follow these instructions step-by-step

  • First of all, enter all tax-related information
  • From the available options, select the payroll systems as per your business essentials to calculate all payroll tax. The user gets access to create salary slips annually for all employees
  • After all this, payroll software gives you to set up the system with these following steps:
    • Firstly, user need to fill all basic information such as employees’ name, address, job profile and all mandatory information
    • After that, fill all details about the “Wage”
    • As per software requirement, user need to fill regular work hours to track the time for each employee
    • At last, bond your system with QuickBooks accounting software

After receiving the confirmation message, you are all set to run with the payroll process. The payroll process is only accessible for cloud-based accounting software.

How To Update Payroll Service in QuickBooks

To update the payroll settings, QB users need to perform the below steps

  • The first thing to do is to click on the “Gear” icon
  • Then choose the “Payroll setting” option
  • From the drop-down preferences, choose “Employees” option
  • Employees list will appear on the screen and then choose the employee name as per you want
  • Make sure about the selected employee and then click on the “Pencil” icon
  • And then select the “What are employees withholding?”
  • User get easy access to view and check the boxes for all “state unemployment” and FUTA under all “Tax exemptions”

Support Payroll Setup QB Pro,premier , Enterprise

After following all the above instructions, if you still need any help or advice to set up the payroll in QuickBooks then call at AccountsPro number đź“ž 1-800-474-0179 or visit at this website address to connect QuickBooks Support Phone Number. To resolve your all queries, QuickBooks professional provide 24-hour availability service. To clear out all doubts regarding QuickBooks and payroll services, you can chat with QB expertise via the LIVE CHAT link. This link is available at the right corner of the website.

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