Sage 50 Install Error 1721
Sage 50 Install Error 1721

Sage 50 Installation Error Code 1721

For robust accounting features, most of the organizations choose Sage 50 software. It serves to be the best tool to ensure error-free accounting and hassle-free data processing. But there are times when the software is intervened by one or the other technical issue. One of the examples of such error is the Sage 50 error 1721. The error is encountered while installing or uninstalling the software into the system. Its better first consult with AccountsPro Sage Support team about the system compatibility .
AccountsPro has an excellent group of experts to help you resolve whatever technical issues you may face while working on Sage 50. Whether you have a difficulty in installing the software, uninstalling it or opening it, the Sage 50 technical experts are always there to guide you.

Why 1721 Error Occurred During Installing Sage Software

The major causes that lead to the Sage Error include:

  • Window installer issue. It either needs to be registered or unregistered
  • Presence of corrupt files in the windows installer
  • Registry cleaning is incorrectly done
  • Install latest windows version

As soon as the error occurs because of any of the above reasons, the error message that gets displayed to users reads “Error 1721: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.”

Also, there are a number of cases when user facing Sage Error Code 1603 during installs Sage Software.

How to fix Error 1721 Sage Insatall ?

Option 1: Resolve Windows Installer

  1. Reboot the PC
  2. Log in as Administrator
  3. Select My PC
  4. Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32
  5. Search for exefile
  6. Right-click it
  7. Choose Properties
  8. Select Version. This will let you see the windows installer version
  9. If your system is Windows XP Service Pack or upper version, you can:
    1. Click on the Start menu
    2. Select Run Command
    3. Type CMD in the text box
    4. On the Command Prompt window, enter either msiexec/unregisteror msiexec/regserver
  10. This will register the installer again
  11. Reinstall Sage 50
  12. Modify the registry
  13. Delete keys related to Sage 50

Option 2: Reinstall the software

  1. Reconnect an external device that has Sage 50 installed in it
  2. Uninstall Sage 50 from your system
  3. Reinstall the same to your operating system’s default program path

Option 3: Miscellaneous steps

  1. You have an inbuilt Windows Cleanup feature. Use it
  2. Install the latest Windows installer package
  3. Download and install Registry Cleaner and run it to scan as well as rectify the error

Technical Support For Sage 50 1721 Error Troubleshooting

For further assistance and demonstration on the steps mentioned above, you can contact the Sage 50 division of AccountsPro for support. The experts are available 24*7 to help clients and customers. Whether it is a severe software error or just an understanding issue relating to the software, like Sage Error 1935 or any other AccountsPro team will help you all types of issue on Sage 50 Chat Support .
Feel free to connect with experts on AccountsPro Sage 50 Tech Support Number on USA / CA toll free ☎ +1-800-474-0179.

Why Hosted Sage 50 Is Better Option

When you are using Sage 50 software, it is always recommended to opt for AccountsPro cheap Sage 50 cloud hosting services for the business. This will help you to monitor the activities in the company data file and identify the external harmful access instantly if any. The best part is that you can access the files any time from anywhere through any device. As a result, your presence for the accessing of the file no more remains important.

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