Sage 50 940 File Error
Sage 50 940 File Error

Error During e-Filling 940 Tax From Sage 50

Sage 50 940 Form Filing Error usually encounters when a tax form is either opened in another window or minimized. Apart from this, there might be several other causes associated with the failure of the payroll Tax form. The main objective of this article is to provide information to resolve 940 form filling Sage 50 Errors Code .

This error takes place while filing form 940, which is used to monitor annual federal unemployment tax (FUTA). This form helps to provide funds to workers who lost their jobs. The users’ processes E-file form 940 through subscribing to the sage business page. Get full details about Sage 50 FUTA Error and how you can resolve it easily.

How To File 940 Form In Sage 50 Accounting

940 form filling in Sage 50:

Follow the steps:

  • Navigate Reports and then forms menu
  • Click on Form
  • Locate Tax forms then select Report
  • Double click on Payroll tax option and then click on highlighting 940 form
  • Hit on filing period and then choose current listed on the drop-down button
  • Follow the instruction displaying on the screen and click on Ok.

While performing the above steps there might occur Sage 50 940 error , While you unable to get the 940 form filing option in dashboard connect Sage Support Number for help.

Why Issues Come While Submit 940 Form Sage 50

Major reasons of 940 form filing error in Sage 50

  • Error message displaying under a window
  • Third-party program sometime block access to the Tax form update
  • Incompatible Sage 50 software with the operating system
  • ByteFence installed on the system might create the issue
  • .dll file is absent.

Get the detailed guide from AccountsPro team about Sage 50 Payroll Formulas which also help in the right employee tax calculation.

How To Fix Error Sage 50 940 Tax Form Filing

How to quickly resolve Sage 50 940 error?

Below-given is the list of resolutions that need to follow systematic to fix the error. Ensure that you turned off the anti-virus software before performing the following steps:

Solution I-Verify there is already opened another form window:

Follow the steps:

  • Close other tax forms which are presently open and then try executing the required form
  • Close window named Open Report and execute the tax form

Solution 2-Attempt to execute Sage with administrator mode:

  • Verify sage is opened if open, and then close it
  • Right-click on Sage option and then click on Run as Administrator

Solution 3-Check a hidden message under active windows:

Follow the steps:

  • Minimize window
  • Follow the displaying tax form message

Solution 4- Blocked Tax form updates:

To fix this follow the instructions:

  • Close Sage window
  • Explore Internet Explorer and then download the update from preferred websites
  • Click on Run and then start updates installation
  • Open the company file and then choose the selected Payroll Tax Form
  • Now the window named Forms Update will displays and then selects the Automatic Update button and follow the instructions
  • Check Tax Form appears properly

Solution 5- Tax form opens and seems minimized:

If you fail to open the form from the taskbar of the screen then you need to close it through Task Manager by choosing Aatrixforms.exe located on the Processes option and then click End Process and confirm it. After that, follow the steps:

  • Locate Taskbar for a second Sage option and then click it to open and close it
  • Check by opening a tax form

Solution 6-Sage 50 incompatible check with Windows 8 or 8.1:

Follow the steps:

  • Navigate Sage Icon
  • Choose properties and then click on Compatibility option
  • Click Apply and check by opening a form.

Solution 7-Check ByteFence program:

  • You need to remove or disable the ByteFence program
  • After that open Sage 0
  • Check you can able to file a tax form

 Solution 8-Execute AATRIXFORMS through administrator mode:

  • Locate C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach\FormViewer or C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach\FormViewer
  • You need to right-click on the file named AATRIXFORMS.exe
  • After this, hit on Compatibility option
  • Click on Run as administrator tab
  • Now check whether you can open a tax form

Get Help Unable To File Form 940 Sage 50 Pro,Premium, Quantun

That’s all about troubleshooting Sage 50 940 Form filling error. Follow each solution and in case you fail to understand any of them or need further assistance dial Sage 50 Support Number and stay connected with Sage professional team. They are available 24*7 to address your problems and provide you the trending updates about software, efficient solution, and advice on time. You can also Chat With Sage 50 Experts while implementing a resolution for immediate help or send an email along with a question. You will get revert accurately without any delay.

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    i am having problem submitting , to the company house and hmrc, using business clouds online not the desk top ,There has been an issue with generating the submission package. It hasn’t been sent to HMRC. Either wait and try again later or contact Sage Support through the support centre for more information. Error type : business Error number : 3001 The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag. Type : Business #0 Number : 1611 #0 Message : No original Return yet recorded, , i have tried twice

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