Lot Number Tracking QB
Lot Number Tracking QB

Lot Number Tracking Feature QuickBooks Enterprise

To help you know the exact sales figures, actual revenue generated, and accurate record keeping, QuickBooks Enterprise issue lot numbers.
With a lot number, companies are able to track products that are developed and produced together in the same batch. In case, there’s any problem that arises with some products, you can look at this given lot number and identify the batch, thereby finding out the products having issues. Also call QuickBooks Enterprise Help Phone Number if want to explore how serial number tracking will work with your mobile.

Lot Number Tracking – Uses

QuickBooks Enterprise offers lot tracking feature to users within its Advanced Inventory functionality. This tracking feature helps companies to track the following:

  • Items purchased or produced in batches
  • Customers who bought items from a particular batch
  • Products in a recall report to track all the items from a specific lot. This will help you keep a record of items that are still in inventory and items purchased already
  • Lot number tracking helps in running reports with list/details regarding:
    • Transaction history
    • Inventory on hand
    • First-in, first-out (FIFO) costing
    • Lot numbers on hand by site

Lot Number Tracking – Limitations

Of course, there are benefits of having lot number tracking feature in QuickBooks Enterprise. But the limitations too are many. These limitations tell users about the points to be taken into consideration to make sure they get the utmost benefits from the same. These include:

  • Choose either lot tracking or serial tracking. Never both together
  • The software does not make it mandatory for users to enter lot numbers. This results in increased human error possibilities
  • You cannot enter lot numbers via barcode scanners in QuickBooks Enterprise. Thus, third-party vendors sell applications to make you add the lot numbers in the system
  • The total quantity on hand of products based on the lots will be different from the total quantity on hand in inventory
  • You cannot print the lot numbers or serial numbers in QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory
  • The expiry dates of products cannot be associated with the lot numbers as the expiry dates are issued only at the item level 8. Thus, QuickBooks Enterprise is not found suitable for pharmaceutical industries o foot manufacturing niches, etc.
  • Tracking lot numbers in subassemblies is not possible. It makes clear that QuickBooks Enterprise lot number tracking is only meat for companies having simpler kinds of manufacturing.

Get Help From QB Technical Support Lot and Serial Number Tracking Issues

If you still have a query or question regarding lot numbers or lot number tracking in QuickBooks Enterprise version, you can call our QuickBooks Support Number experts.
We believe in customer satisfaction. Hence, we provide efficient and excellent technical support service to our customers. Our aim is to stand by you in even the worst technical difficulties you may face while using the QuickBooks software. Our technically sound representatives respond at the earliest with instructions to be followed to resolve your issues.
For help and assistance,
you can call us at any hour of the day on ☎ +1-800-474-0179.

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