QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Nonprofit

It is one of the solutions from QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 that is industry-specific. It provides more benefits by saving your time and cost together. In this, you get the specific reports that are customized according to your industry. So its right time if you are thinking for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Upgrade now a days .

QuickBooks NonProfit 2020 Year Edition

QuickBooks NonProfit 2020 Year Edition

Here, you get to know more about the QuickBooks 2020 Nonprofit that what are the new things, special reports, special features, and more.

QB Premier/ Enterprise 2020 Non Profit Edition Feature

Non-profit organization’s special features 

  1. Customization options- The forms, reports, and templates can be built according to your business requirement. In this, you can easily add your company logo, customize the fields, and add the mission statement.
  2. New Industry-specific Report Bundles- Now you don’t need to sort your type of report from many other reports as you get your kind of specific report bundle in your version that is easily customizable.
  3. Non-Profit Chart of Accounts- In this, the data can be directly transferred into the IRS forms as it incorporates the Unified Chart of Accounts.
  4. Microsoft Integration- You don’t have to do the retyping because the date is pre-populates by QuickBooks in letters. It is done when you use prepares letters that are made by MS Word templates.

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What’s New in QuickBooks Non-Profit 2020 Version

New things you get in QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 non-profit

If you are using an older version of QuickBooks non-profit and wan to upgrade to the newest version and try to convince yourself then must check out these new things that you get in the QuickBooks 2020 non-profit. These things are a big benefit and time saver for you. These things are as follows:-

  1. Payment reminders can be scheduled- it is helpful when you want to send the reminder in between the years so this is the benefit for you to schedule the reminder and forgot it.
  2. Collapse all the columns in your report- This won’t let you scroll down too much as you can show and hide the column items. As there are many funds and departments in the non-profit o it helps you a lot.
  3. In emails, automatically add PO of a customer in the subject line- If any customer has many transactions then the PO number adds automatically in the subject line so that it would be easy for you and the customer both to remember about the order related to it.
  4. Check the history of the invoice- With this feature, you can easily check about the transactions that you have done before and see when you get paid and after that when your payment is deposited into your bank. If any transaction is not paid then the due date is highlighted in the red.
  5. Search option- In the no company open window you can use this option to search for your files and no need to scroll and open many folders to search for your file. This search option will do all this for you and saves your time.
  6. Self setup of Employee for payroll- For employee payroll, you have to enter the basic information from your side then for detailed information about employees, an email is sent to them so that they can fill it by themselves. It helps you in doing work faster, easier, and time-saving.
  7. Combine all the emails in one- You can easily combine all the emails in one place that is related to the one customer or job. This can be easy to see the invoices, bills other related bills of the employee, vendors, or customers in one place.

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The Special reports that you get in the QuickBooks 2020 Non-profit

  1. Statement of Functional Expenses-990- It makes the identification of expenses easy so that you can report it on IRS Form 990
  2. Biggest Donors- to track the biggest donors and grant is easy as it is done in a single report
  3. Budget by Programs- you can check for the budget items that are specific as compared to the actual project or program
  4. Statement of Financial Position- Check your balance sheet by comparing it from the previous year’s balance sheet
  5. Donors and Grants- with the help of this you can keep an eye on all the contributions done by every grant or donor
  6. Statement of Financial Income and Expenses- With this, you can check how much money you get in your business and how you spent it.

Help QB 2020 Nonprofit Software Purchase, Download , Install

Above, you get all the information related to the QuickBooks 2020 Non-profit software solution. If you want to explore more or have any other query then you can easily reach the experts through toll-free AccountsPro number 📞 1-800-474-0179. The QuickBooks Technical Support team are happy to serve you the best according to your requirements. The team is having experience of many years to resolve all kinds of glitches so they can help you in a better way. You can also ask your questionnaires through email or do a live chat with professionals by sharing the image of the problem you are facing and you can get live consultancy Quickbooks Installation Error .

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