Sage Software Setup Install on Windows Server
Sage Software Setup Install on Windows Server

h2>Setup Of Sage Accounting on Win Server 12

If you are looking for the setup of Sage Windows Server 2012 then here you get the best solution. Whether you are facing the issue or doing the setup again or for the first time follow the instructions below. The solution is given by the Sage 50 2020 Support team who is here to help you all the way out. Team members of Sage are expert, trained, knowledgeable, and professionals so they can easily understand all your situations.

Sage Software Installation On Windows Server

Follow the process to setup the Windows server 2012. Of even you can connect AccountsPro team on Sage 50 Support Phone Number for help .

How to setup the Windows Server 2012

  • Using Server Manager (UI):

    1. For making the domain controller of Windows Server 2012, you need to install the Active Directory Domain Services from the server manager
    2. Before the installation of Role you need to update all the latest security updates
  • Now you need to change the name of the server and the IP address so that you can avoid using the default address
  • Installing the AD DS role

    1. Firstly, on the screen you get the basic information like Windows update, configure passwords, and IP addresses
    2. Provide and check this information before you get started
  • On the Page of Installation type click on the option named Role-based or Features based installation.
  1. There is one more option that is Scenario based installation that is only selected to apply on Remote Desktop services
  2. After this, when you have to do the Server Selection; select it from the server pool and then click on the next option
  3. For installing the AD DS, you need to click on the Active Directory Domain Services
  • By doing this, it pops-up to add AD DS tools
  • Then click on the option named Add features
  1. Now you are able to click on the button named Next
  2. In the Select Features, select the Group Policy Management feature. It is already installed during the promotion and select the Next button to proceed
  3. In the Page of Active Directory Domain Services, you get the normal information regarding AD DS and after that click on the Next button
  • When it asks for the Confirmation, you have to confirm it to proceed further
  • You can also export the configuration as it provides the option in settings and also the option of automatically restarting the system if required
  • Now click on the Install option to get it install on server
  1. When AD DS is installed then you have to promote it to the Domain Controller
  • Promoting Windows 2012 Server to Domain Controller

    1. For creating the new AD forest named as AarabITPro.local; click on the add new forest
    2. Do write the name AarabITPro.local
  • You need to specify the DFL and FFL and the DSRM admin password
  1. Warning of DNS delegation is shown
  2. The name of the NetBIOS is assigned already and you need to check it
  3. Mention the location of the folder named AD
  • Select the view script for PowerShell script of single line
  • If all the prerequisites are ok then click on the Install option
  1. After the installation the server will restarted automatically
  2. When server restarted log in and click on the Server Manager or Tools
  3. Then check that all are installed in it.

Support Sage Installation Windows Server

Still, you need to know more about it then Contact Sage Support team anytime from anywhere. You just need to dial the AccountsPro helpline number 📞 1-800-474-0179, send the email to AccountsPro team, or do a Live Chat Sage 50 technicians . The team is here to help you 24/7 hours so you can contact them when needed to get the solution. You get the solution and information regarding all kinds of technical and functional issues and errors. Team members are happy to serve you as they are here to provide you the best assistance with great solutions and information. Also you can enjoy hassle free accounting & Bookkeeping on Sage 50 Cloud Server with 15 days free trial .

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  • Dylan Powell

    Planning to upgrade a server from Windows Server 2008 R2 to a Hyper-V Windows Server 2019 server., Need to know of any issues moving the instructions on moving the software and data to the new system., We are still in the concept and gathering all the information we need to make sure that we can do this with as smooth a transition as possible.,Would like a number to contact when we get to that point though.., One question. Does Sage 50 Accounting use a SQL server instance?,Interesting!!! Did not know that even though we already had SQL server running on the old server. Any requirements as to the configuration of the SQL server for it

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