QuickBooks Enterprise User Permissions List

Accessibility of a PC completely depends on the permissions you have or restrictions imposed on you as a user.
In QuickBooks Enterprise version, it is important for you to have appropriate permission to access files and databases. User Permission gives you an opportunity to add or restrict access for users when it comes to certain areas of your QuickBooks file. The levels of user permissions are what determine the level of accessibility you enjoy in the software. Also find more connect with QuickBooks Enterprise Help Number for full details .

QuickBooks Enterprise Permission Access Levels

The levels of access given to users in QuickBooks Enterprise version vary based on the roles or positions they hold in an organization.

  • For setting company preferences, other users’ permissions can be given
  • For limited administrative control over accounting systems and activities, Admin is chosen
  • For keeping a watch on individuals in the organization, a view permissions report is available
  • Even if a user is able to access check register, he/she will not be allowed to get into the payroll data if Payroll holes have been closed is selected
  • You can impose restrictions to make sure unidentified users do not have the access to specific bank accounts

Role-Based User Permissions in QuickBooks

The user permissions, as stated above, are based on the responsibilities given to users. Here are some of the user controls that ensure security to organizational details in terms of accessibility.

Administering/Managing Roles

The controls are given to individuals who are allowed to view and modify data. You can copy the user and assign him multiple roles by clicking on the Duplicate button.

User Control Levels

This is what makes you enjoy user controls that allow you to generate reports easily. You can have a look at the work status of the employees of your department. To achieve this, you can select the type of view and the roles as well as users you want to keep a watch on. The reports will accordingly be created as per your requirements.

Unrestricted access

When you have an unrestricted access to data, you are allowed to view all transactions in different reports. Plus, you are also allowed to search transactions in different reports. The predefined roles normally offer unrestricted access to data. Some of them are listed below:

  • Admin
  • External Accountant
  • Full Access
  • Accountant
  • Finance
  • View Only

There are options for editing or customizing user roles by making modifications in the User Permissions in QuickBooks Enterprise.

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