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Bookkeeping is a branch of accounting function that basically entails recording and managing the financial transactions and tasks which in turn helps to control the incoming and outgoing flow of cash to and from the company. Bookkeeping in an essence is one of the most important tasks as the building up of financial documents with correct figures and facts starts from checking the record book itself. Thus most companies prefer according this job with professional who are either part of outsource bookkeeping businesses or freelancers.

Bookkeeping business owners themselves have to pay very close attention while completing the required activities as one mistake from their end can result in revoking of the contract from the company of whose business they were handling. Bookkeeping is such a delicate task as one wrong figure anytime while recording the transaction means the calculation based on that figure turns wrong which further keeps on making wrong recording of figures.

These dainty tasks under bookkeeping should be handled with as much care as possible. However, despite being so careful at times we do end up making mistakes that result in loss of business. Some time it is due to our ignorance and sometimes because of overlooking some of the errors. Some of these mistakes are as follows:

• Customer Feedback: The best judges of our services are the customers and clients who use them. For any improvement or suggestions, general public should be approached as they are not biased, either positively or negatively, and would always offer genuine review. However, the moment you stop listening to your customers, your business lands up in problem as you are sure to leave the clients unsatisfied with your services, which would compel them to choose another service providers of Bookkeeping.

• Overlooking Suggestions from Frontlines: Frontlines as in the employees who have direct contact with the clients or are handling the tasks of the clients. These employees have a lot of ideas and suggestions which have sometimes come directly from the clients. The moment you start ignoring the ideas presented by these section of employees, you start losing trust and respect in their eyes which later on is suffered by your business as when the employees leave the job, they sometimes end up taking away your clients as well.

• Workload: Proper systematic distribution of workload is imperative. If you make only one employee work all sorts of hours, and let other employees come and go as they please, it is not very motivating for the employee who is working. Furthermore, unnecessary pressure on one person leads to more chances of mistakes happening. Employ more people if needed, but do not over burden one person.

The above tips are not only suitable for bookkeeping businesses but also every other establishment or organizations. However, bookkeeping businesses and similar operations should keep special eye for these tips as they are dealing with clients and that too the financial aspect of the business.

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